Extensive analysis of the traditional Shiatsu Massage enabled duplication of the delicate, complex movements of a professional Japanese massage therapist's technique in these massage chairs.


Takasima Semi-Automatic Massage Chair

Live a healthier, more comfortable life. Now you can—thanks to the Takasima Semi-Automatic Massage Chair. This Shiatsu-designed massage chair will render your body relaxed and healthier. Click here to view A-302 Massage Chair

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New Micro-Computer Technology Massage Lounger

This chair features 10 massage rollers and is comprised of fine Italian leather and soft pillow cushions. Power recliner for backrest and footrest provide. Click here to view A-601 Massage Chair

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10 Wheel Perfect Massage Chair

The human spine is relevant to good health. This chair is designed to attack acupuncture points in your back to help your body feel more relaxed Click here to view A-611 Massage Chair

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Spiritual Spa Massage Chair

The kneading and tapping features this Shiatsu-inspired chair provides makes the Spiritual Spa Massage Chair one of the most popular chairs on the market today. Click here to view A-620 Massage Chair

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LCD Display Remote Control

"Most Sophisticated Strongest Massage Techniques in the market". Pressing + Kneading + Rolling + Tapping. 6-speed foot roller massage. Click here to view Panasonic EP-1080 KL

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