Sanyo HEC-DR7700K Massage Chair - Zero Gravity

Need a Great Shoulder Rub or Neck Pain Relief?

The HEC-DR7700K Massage Chair will sooth your aching shoulders and neck as you feel yourself again!
The Sanyo HEC-DR7700K Zero Gravity Massage Chair will soothe your troubles away. The DR7700K massage chair is lloaded with high-tech electronics such as a Stiffness Detection Sensor which gauges fatigue by monitoring changes in your perspiration and pulse rate. Or the Physical Shape Sensor which adjusts the massage rollers to your body shape even if your body shifts during the course of the massage. Sanyo’s exclusive GK Roller Technology “reaches out” of the massage chair to massage your neck and shoulders. The rollers extend out to give an extra dimension of massage sensation. Sanyo packs 24 airbags into this massage chair with their exclusive multipoint heated shiatsu massage for the legs and feet. Also, did we mention this is a zero gravity chair? Oh, yeah, this is also a zero gravity massage chair where you can recline back with your knees above your heart which has been shown to take all the pressure off your spine. Hence the name zero gravity.
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Price: $5,299
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Available Colors:     

Operating Voltage: 110-120V / 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 120 Watts to 290 Watts
Massaging Rated: 30 Minutes
Recline Angle: 115-170 Degrees
Massage Stroke Length: 30 Inches
Dimensions: W28.75" x D45" x H48" (Upright)
W28.75" x D72.5" x H30" (Recline)
Net Weight: 183 lbs.
Material: Black Synthetic (PVC) Leather
Components: Japanese Components
Included: Digital Remote & Remote Holder
Removable Headrest Cushion & Removable Back Pad


The Sanyo HEC-DR7700K massage chair has a simple, sleek and clean look. Sanyo has kept this model simple and it comes in only black. The back pad and head pad are nice and soft which adds to the plush feeling of the massage chair. The side panel comes with a highly varnished wood panel to add to the sophistication of the massage chairs look.
Massage Functions The DR7700K comes equipped with Sanyo’s exclusive GK Roller Technology. The GK roller technology “reaches out” and grabs you! Specially designed rollers squeeze your shoulders and neck area to emulate “grasping and kneading” of a live masseuse. A physical shape sensor adjusts the massage rollers automatically to your body shape—even if your body shifts during the massage. Sanyo has also incorporated a stiffness detection sensor. The stiffness detection sensor uses a galvanic skin response system, which gauges fatigue by changes in your perspiration and pulse rate! Also, there is a palm sized sub controller that contains the stiffness detection sensor and controls for fine-tuning. Awesome!
Automatic or Manual Massage Programs The DR7700K has 83 combination manual massage courses which include Grip, Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, Kneading & Tapping and various stretches. This massage chair has a jointed massage head unit. This jointed massage head pushes outward to strongly grip your shoulders from above like a real masseuse. There are 5 automatic massage courses for targeted relief of stress areas. You can select from 5 roller width setting and 5 massage speed settings. There are also 4 full body automatic courses: Stiffness, Relax, Recovery and Fine.
Stiffness Course: Uses mainly realistic Shiatsu, pressing slowly and deeply to relieve stiff muscles.
Recovery Course: Uses mainly tapping and kneading to relieve muscle fatigue.
Relax Course: Uses mainly stroking kneading and gentle tapping to gently stimulate the body.
Fine Course: Use mainly Shiatsu and tapping/kneading to increase blood circulation and concentrates to stimulate treatment points.

Inversion Therapy with Zero Gravity System

Zero-Gravity Position 1: Simultaneous adjustment of the Backrest, Footrest and Seat to the body's perfect and natural position relieving pressure off your spine. All massage functions can be used in this position.

Zero-Gravity Position 2: The legs are elevated higer than your heart while declining the Backrest reclined for maximum circulation and relaxation. Use the air-only Comfort Course to deliver a gentle stretch and compression massage to the lower back, hamstrings, calves, ankles, and feet.
Upper Body Massages:

Manually choose from 83 combination manual courses. You can choose from 5 automatic massage courses or 4 full body automatic courses including: Stiffness, Relax, Recovery and Fine. Manually select different massage functions and adjust the massage intensity and roller width to your preference. Choose to massage the shoulders, upper back, or lower back region, or fix the massage rollers on a particular spot. You can also hit the Repeat button to re-target a particular area over and over.
Lower Body Massages:

Your lower body is in for a treat indeed! Sanyo’s air only comfort course includes multi-point shiatsu massage. There are calf massages with projection performing shiatsu. There is even an ankle grip massage!
Air Only Multi-point Shiatsu Massage Technology

Sanyo incorporates its exclusive multi-point heated shiatsu massage for the legs and feet. The Air Only Comfort Course includes a multi-point shiatsu massage delivered by 24 airbags. The heated massage promotes circulation and relaxation. The DR7700 massage chair uses airbags with projections to perform a shiatsu massage on the calves. There is also an ankle grip massage. The ankle grip massage is performed by holding a range of built in airbags around the foot. This grips from the ankles to the heel to provide a massage the same way the palm of a hand loosens stiffness. There is an undulating sole shiatsu massage. The airbags grip the feet from the inside and outside by several airbags. The airbags are inflated alternatively to provide a thorough Shiatsu.
Sanyo Massage Chair Sub Remote Control
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