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Panasonic Massage Chairs

Get relief when you need it with the EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ massage chair by Panasonic. The EP-30006 KUis part of the Real Pro Ultra Series. It has 3 Dimensional body scan technology. It makes a virtual map taking into consideration the curvature of your spine. Panasonic Real Pro Ultra then customizes the massage based on your virtual map. A full body traction system is also incorporated into the EP 30006 KU massage chair. Four different people can save programs in this massage recliner and each person can save up to six different programs in memory. The Real Pro Ultra also has the advanced quad style massage technology. Choose from five automatic programs including Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Arm, Leg Stretch and Quick. These programs are full body massage treatments for relieving your aches and pains. If you have knots in your back, then use the Junetsu ultra fine kneading technique. This exclusive technique provides for deep penetration and loosening of knots and tight muscles. These massage heads open and close allowing for a variety of massage techniques. The EP 30006 KU is the top end of the Real Pro Ultra™ massage chair series.
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Massage Therapy: Junetsu, Swedish, Kneading, Compression, Tapping, Shiatsu, & Rolling
Rollers Mechanism: Quad-Style Technology
Recline Angle: 170 Degrees
Power: AC 120V 60Hz 195 Watts
Weight: 181 lbs

3 year parts; 1 year labor warranty

Included: 30 inch stroke length
3D Body Scan Technology
Upper Body & Lower Body Stretching
Air Compression System
Programmable massage functions (4 Users - 6 Programs)
Voice Guidance & LED Remote
15 Minute Timer
Ultra soft synthetic leather
ACA Endoresed

The Panasonic EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ provides deep, penetrating massage for full body relief. A wide range of diverse capabilities can take care of many of your basic massage needs. The EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra provides you with a customized massage based on its 3-D body scan technology. The body scan finds your acupoints and stimulates them for total body invigoration. The Quad Style rollers use floating heads to glide over your back area. The leg rest comes with a reflexology massage and lower body traction.
The EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ has an air massage built into the armrest. You simply just open the cover and insert your hand and arm. A compression massage is given to provide relief. The air massage system comes with 36 airbags which covers a total of 460 square inches.
Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association

Some Panasonic massage chairs are endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). The ACA is the biggest professional chiropractic association. The ACA is recognizing the many health benefits of regular massage therapy. They found that the Panasonic massage chairs provide solid deep tissue penetration.
3-D Body Scan Technology

The EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ utilizes a new 3-D body scan technology to create a virtual map of your back. Take a seat and the pressure sensors located on the massage heads make a scan of your back. After about 20 seconds, it will locate the top of your shoulders. The EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra takes into consideration the curvature of the spine. The massage is then contoured to fit your specific body measurements.
Customized Massage Therapy

The EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ massage chair creates a massage just for you. It contains a floating massage head which follows the contour of your spine. It uses 3-D body scan technology to create a three-dimensional virtual map of your back. The 3-D coordinates are then used to determine the massage pressure for a custom massage therapy. You may also create your own programs. Six programs for four different people can be stored in the computer's memory. The leg rest ottoman is extendable out to 5 inches. Simply adjust it to fit your legs.
Ultra Fine Kneading Technique

Panasonic has added the Junetsu massage technique to the EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ massage chair. The Junetsu massage technique uses small circular motions that slowly penetrate a certain area. This massage technique is excellent for relieving knots in the back and shoulders. It provides deep penetration all the way through the muscle tissue. This is an exclusive massage only found in the EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra massage chair.


Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair Features

Five Pre-programs

The EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ massage chair comes with five different automatic massage programs. The automatic programs are Shiatsu, Deep Arm, Leg Stretch, Swedish and Quick. These automatic programs provide you with the convenience of a full body massage at the touch of a button.
Foot Reflexology Plates

Foot Reflexology massage uses certain trigger point in the feet to enhance relaxation in the body. The EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ uses reflexology plates in the foot wells of the leg rest. The reflexology plates stimulate the feet which help to increase blood and energy flow in your body. This is very relieving for tired, aching feet. If you stand on your feet much during the day, this is a fantastic massage to relieve your feet.
Quad-Style Massage Heads

Panasonic is introducing unique massage heads that are able to open and close in the EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ massage chair. This enables for different massage techniques. You can choose from Shiatsu, Grasping, Fist Kneading and Swedish. These unique rollers will glide over the curves of your back. They follow the coordinates taken from the three dimensional body scan. This ensures that the massage is tailored just for your body for a great massage.
Acupoint Detection

Did you know you have over 350 acupoints in your body? There are almost 100 acupoints just on your back, shoulders and neck. The EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ massage chair scans your back and the text your personal acupoints. The massage therapy then targets your acupoints to help relieve tension, stiffness and back pain.
Panasonic Traction System

The EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ comes with and upper and lower body stretching system. The lower body system is capable of stretching the hips, thighs and ankles with a gentle motion. The leg rest holds onto the feet with the air bags. The leg rest is then raised to the horizontal position. The leg rest then lowers to 3 successively lower positions which stretches out the lower body for great tension relief.

The upper body works in conjunction with the arm massage air bags. The air bags in the armrest will activate holding onto the arms. The chair back will then recline back slowly to stretch the arms and shoulders. Both of these traction systems will provide you relief for stiff and sore muscles.
Invigorate Your Body & Relax

The EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ massage chair provides for 460 square inches of air massage coverage. This provides soothing and relieving compression massage therapy. Utilize the stretching functions for the leg rest and the art stretch. This helps to alleviate stiffness in the lower back, hips, thighs, shoulders and arms. The leg rest will activate the airbags to hold the feet. A leg rest is then raised and lowered to three successively lower positions stretching the lower body. The EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ massage chair provides you with an arsenal of massage therapy treatments for your relaxing pleasure.
Dimension of the EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

Remote Control

The EP 30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ massage chair comes with an advanced remote control. This easy to use remote comes with voice guidance and LED screen. The automatic programs are located on they top of the control for easy access. The voice guidance system can help you navigate through using the remote control. This system can also be deactivated and used only when required.
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