Omega OM-510 Massage Chair

The Prestigio OM-510 massage chair combines elegant design with seamless technology to create the perfect massage chair. The Prestigio has an innovative 4-roller rocker system to evenly distribute massage pressure throughout the entire back relieving sore, aching, and tired muscles. The Prestigio massage chair has a contouring rolling function gently expands each vertebra on the spine and relieves built up pressure. The seat and footrest utilize an Air Massage Technology (AMT) system with 15 air bags to massage your buttocks, thighs, calves and feet. The AMT system delivers a complete lower body massage experience. The AMT system squeezes your muscles like a massage therapist. The Prestigio massage recliner also has reflexology points built-into the foot wells and incorporates “knee stretch technology” that gently extends and stretches the knee and ankle joint to increase joint mobility. Sink into the soft, double-padded Prestigio and drift off into a world of comfort and relaxation.

Isn’t Innovation Beautiful!

The new Prestigio OM-510 massage chair by Omega Massage, Inc. DELIVERS! The Prestigio is Contemporary Luxury at an affordable price. This is the best massage chair in its price category.
  Price: $2,590

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Available Colors:               

Operating Voltage: 110~120V / 50~60Hz
Power Consumption: 120 Watts to 200 Watts
Massaging Rated: 15 Minutes
Recline Angle: 115~175 Degrees
Massage Stroke Length: 25 Inches
Dimensions: W33' x D45' x H47' (Upright)
W33' x D71' x H33' (Recline)
Net Weight: 185 lbs
Material: Fire Retardant PVC Leather
Components: Japanese Components
Included: Digital Remote & Cradle
Detachable Headrest Cushion
Detachable Shoulder Cushion
Detachable Back Cushion
Detachable Back Pad
Detachable Back Pad
Detachable Back Pad

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The Prestigio OM-510 massage chair is contoured and shaped to support the back with its ergonomic design. This sleek massage chair comes with highly varnished wood armrests and silver accents on the arm supports and leg supports to give it a more contemporary look. The Prestigio comes with four layers of cushions/pads, with one removable back pad underneath the main back cushion. The intensity of the back massage can be changed by adding or removing cushions/pads which puts more or less material between you and the rollers. The greater the contact with the rollers the more intensity of the massage. The Prestigio has a handsome wood side table included, which is a nice designer touch. The Prestigio massage recliner comes in 3 colors: black, brown and ivory.

We at Massage Unlimited along with many of our customers, find the Prestigio is the best looking massage chair on the market today!
Incline/Recline: The backrest and footrest of the Prestigio massage chair can be lowered and raised simultaneously at the touch of a button, or the footrest can be adjusted independent of the backrest.
Massage Functions: The Prestigio massage chair allows you to choose from tapping, rolling, kneading, Shiatsu, or combinations of all 4 massage functions in automatic program mode. In the manual mode you can select one type of massage function for the back. The foot rest and seat of the Prestigio has either manual or automatic mode. There are three levels of intensity for the back roller massage. The massage roller width will auto-adjust in the automatic mode or it can also be manually adjusted from narrow, regular or wide in the manual mode. For the seat and the foot rest, the automatic mode will activate the Air Massage Technology. The airbags of the Prestigio will alternate between the buttocks, thighs and feet/calves. In the manual mode, you can select the buttocks, thigh or feet/calves to be massaged individually. The air pressure massage can be adjusted between low, medium and high. You are in total control with the OM-510 Prestigio.

Automatic or Manual Programs: The OM-510 Prestigio lets you choose from an Automatic overall massage or you can pinpoint your massage in 3 manual modes. The automatic massage works through an overall massage program for the back, seat and footrest. In the manual mode, the Prestigio has 4 massage techniques: Kneading, Tapping, Finger Pressing or Shiatsu. The manual mode of the Prestigio allows you to choose from an overall back massage, a general area massage or you pinpoint a massage in a specific area. You can also adjust the width between the rollers, so you can hit any trouble spot on the back. The back massage can work separate from the footrest or vice versa. The seat and the footrest have 15 strategically placed airbags that give an awesome massage to the buttocks, thighs, calves, and feet. The Prestigio has “knee stretch technology” that extends and stretches the knee and ankle joints in the footrest. This helps to increase joint mobility. All these massage functions reduce body fatigue, increase blood circulation, and warm up the body for a more productive day. The Prestigio effectively lessens body fatigue, reduces stress, eases minor aches and pains, and increases blood circulation and metabolism.
Upper Body: The OM-510 Prestigio lets you manually select from 4 massage techniques, adjust the massage intensity and roller width to your preference. Choose to massage the shoulders, upper back, or lower back region, or fix the massage rollers on a particular spot, and you have become your own masseuse!
Lower Body: The OM-510 Prestigio lets you manually choose from different combinations of lower body massage. You can let the automatic program work through a combination massage or you can individually select to massage the calves and feet, the thighs, or the buttocks. Regular massage of the lower body not only reduces aches, pains, and soreness, but it also improves circulation and energy flow throughout the body.

Foot Rest Therapeutic Massage: Sit back and enjoy this wonderfully therapeutic massage chair. The Prestigio not only helps to reduce tension, pressures, muscle aches and pains, but one of its special features is its “knee stretch technology”. The footrest of the Prestigio holds the feet and calves in place. The Prestigio then gently stretches the ankle and knee joints while extending the thigh and calf muscles. This feature helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness in the legs. The knee stretch technology also helps improve your joint mobility or range of motion. Use the Prestigio massage chair daily and you will experience less body fatigue, better blood circulation, and better quality sleep.

Dual Headrest Pillow: The Prestigio massage chair is comfortable for all users with different spinal and back curvatures. The Prestigio massage chair comes with layered cushions for the back and head. This massage recliner provides a total of 4 back cushions/pads, with one removable pad enabling you to adjust the intensity of the back massage. For more intensity, simply remove pads or for less intensity add pads.

Air Massage Technology & Reflexology Features: The OM-510 Prestigio uses Air Massage Technology (AMT) to provide a sensational massage to the buttocks, thigh, calves and feet. The airbags of the Prestigio inflate and deflate to gently squeeze the lower body. In manual mode, you can adjust the air pressure to low, medium or high. The foot wells contain reflexology points which hit the meridian lines in the foot providing overall relaxation to the entire body. According to Reflexology, the feet have gateways to other parts of your body via your meridian lines. The Prestigio massage chair has reflexology points built into the foot wells to stimulate relaxation and relief of stress in the corresponding organs and areas of the body. If you enjoy a great foot massage—the Prestigio massage chair for you, just put your tired, aching feet inside and enjoy!

Remote Control:The remote control of the Montage Elite is simple and easy to use. The remote control has a simple LCD display to provide the exact status of the massage chair functions. Omega Massage has included a wireless sub-remote which means you never have to move to change massage settings. Relief and relaxation is just one button away!

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