Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair

The Montage Elite by Omega Massage combines top-notch features, solid reliability and striking appeal. The Montage Elite is a massage chair to make your senses explode with sensory overload. The Montage Elite has an infrared body scan which scans your shoulder position and the curvature of your back to detect the exact acupoints unique to you. The Montage Elite will then use your data to customize the massage to fit your body. The Montage Elite comes with 5 automatic programs, 4 back massage courses and 4 massage techniques. The Montage Elite has heat therapy in the backrest, seat and foot rest to help improve blood circulation. Omega Massage has included a unique Traction Function into the Montage Elite. The Traction function holds your feet and calves in the footrest and then gently pulls down to stretch your legs from the hips. The traction function helps to increase the range of motion of your joints.

The chair back of the Montage Elite has a 30 inch stroke length for the rollers. This massage chair can easily accommodate those up to 6’ 5” and is rated up to 300lbs. The footrest is also extendable to accommodate those with longer legs. The foot of the footrest can pivot 90 degrees allowing you to set the angle most comfortable for your feet. Omega Massage even includes an infrared wireless remote, so you can make adjustments to the massage without having to move.

The Montage Elite takes you to higher states of tranquility and relaxation with its music therapy. Download your favorite music onto the music stick, put on the included headphones and drift off into total relaxation!
Price: $4,250
No Tax (outside of Florida) Free Shipping

Available Colors:               

Operating Voltage: 110~120V / 50~60Hz
Power Consumption: 120 Watts to 290 Watts
Massaging Rated: 30 Minutes
Recline Angle: 115~175 Degrees
Massage Stroke Length: 30 Inches
Dimensions: W33' x D45' x H47' (Upright)
W33' x D71' x H33' (Recline)
Net Weight: 185 lbs
Material: Fire Retardant PVC Leather
Components: Japanese Components
Included: Digital Remote
Wireless Sub-Remote
Remote Cradle
256MB USB Flash Memory
Detachable Headrest
Detachable Back Cushion
Detachable Seat Cushion


The Montage Elite by Omega Massage is an elegantly styled, contemporary massage chair. The rounded side panels of the Montage Elite and long, curved arm rests are crafted for sophisticated elegance. The backrest has a series of layered cushions that are soft and velvety. The padded backrest is soft and comfortable and comes with a headrest cushion. The armrests are long, wide and comfortable. The armrests ergonomically slide back when you recline the backrest, maintaining your arms in the same position. You can also raise the armrest upward and enter or exit the massage chair from the side. The Montage Elite is a strikingly beautiful massage chair. Our hats go off to Omega in continuing to bring aesthetic appeal to massage chairs!

The backrest and footrest of the Montage Elite are motorized. With a touch of a button, they can be lowered and raised. The backrest or footrest can be operated either independently or in tandem.

Massage Functions:

The Montage Elite massage chair has 4 massage techniques including: Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu and Pressing.

  • Kneading – This massage technique gives you a gentle squeezing massage with an in and out movement which is great for relieving your stiff neck and shoulders. The kneading massage provides a sensation of small, circular motions of hands squeezing and releasing to relieve your tension and soreness.

  • Tapping – This massage technique gives you a rapid tapping on your back muscles. The Tapping massage provides a sensation of hands rapidly tapping which gives you a revitalized and invigorated feeling.

  • Shiatsu – This massage technique gives you a firm deep-tissue massage which is ideal if you have stiff shoulders or back muscles. The Shiatsu massage is a combination kneading/tapping. The Shiatsu massage provides a sensation that includes squeezing and tapping to relieve your stiff neck, shoulders or back muscles.

  • Pressing – This massage technique gives you a slow pressing up and down your back along your spine. The Pressing massage provides a sensation of fingers pressing firmly along your spine to relieve pressure from your compressed cervical disks and gently stretching your back muscles.

The Montage Elite massage chair has 5 automatic massage programs which include Relaxation, Activation, Vitality, Morning and Night. Just choose the automatic program that best fits your needs. The Montage Elite will start with an optical body scan to measure your shoulder height and then will map out the curvature of your spine and locate your acupressure points. The Montage Elite then uses this input to customize your massage to fit your body profile. The Montage Elite massage chair also comes with 4 courses for your back. You can select from the Whole Back, Shoulder, Middle Back or Waist. The Montage Elite will then concentrate the massage on the area selected.

The Montage Elite comes with a Hip vibration massage. You can select the hip vibration massage and adjust the intensity to 4 different levels.

The Montage Elite incorporates heated massage into the backrest, seat and footrest. You can direct heat to exactly where you want. Heat during massage makes your muscles more pliable and increases the blood circulation for improved metabolism.

The Montage has a unique Traction Function. The traction function holds your feet and calves in the footrest and then stretches your legs from your hips on down. The footrest pivots downward extending your leg joints, ligaments and muscles which helps increase your range of motion.

Automatic or Manual Programs: The Montage Elite puts you in charge. Choose from 5 automatic massages or you can select the massage technique in manual mode and choose from 4 courses to cover the area of your back most important to you. The 5 automatic massages will work through pre-programmed massages and synchronize the massage throughout the massage chair. The 5 automatic massages for the Montage Elite are Relaxation, Activation, Vitality, Morning and Night. These programs will take you through a series of full body massages tailored to different therapeutic needs.

You can switch the Montage Elite to manual mode and select the massage technique most suited to relieve your current tensions. You can choose from Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu and Pressing. You can also select from 4 courses for your back or you can use the up and down controls to pinpoint a particular area on your back.
Upper Body: The Montage Elite comes with a built in MP3 Player and headphones for music therapy. Music Therapy is critical to helping you take your mind off the day and relax. Just put in the music stick and let your troubles dissipate. The Montage Elite lets you select from automatic or manual programs for your back, shoulders and neck. You can also adjust the speed for tapping and kneading. Also, in the Shiatsu massage, which is a combination of kneading and tapping, you can adjust the speed of the tapping and kneading independently. In other words, the kneading can be sped up while the tapping is decreased or vice versa. This provides you with great control over the Shiatsu style best for you. The Montage Elite allows you to adjust the roller width to 5 different sizes. Select to massage the whole back, the shoulders, middle back, waist, or fix the massage rollers on a particular spot, and your robotic massage masseuse will melt away your tensions!
Lower Body: The Montage Elite has airbags in the seat for the buttocks, thighs and hips. You can vary the intensity of the air pressure to 4 settings. You can also activate the hip vibration massage which stimulates your capillary vessels to improve blood circulation. The footrest has airbags for the calves and feet. The footrest airbags cycle through soothing sequenced firing to feel like the hands of a master masseuse. The Montage Elite has the exclusive Footflex massage. The Footflex massage combines reflexology points with a programmed inflation/deflation of the foot airbags giving a sensational foot massage. The Montage Elite massage chair is very effective in reducing aches, pains, and soreness. This massage chair also helps improve circulation and energy flow throughout the body. Your lower body is indeed in for a treat with the Montage Elite!
Music Feature: The Montage Elite comes with a built-in MP3 player and also includes a set of headphones. If the user wishes to listen to the music without the use of the headphones, he or she can connect an external speaker (not included). The MP3 player is compatible with Windows 2000/XP, and it is possible to download new songs into the chair! The newest feature with the MP3 player for the Montage Elite is the synchronize massage music feature. Enjoy a soothing massage that massages to the beat of your MP3 song of your choice.
Foot Rest Therapeutic Massage: Sink into the Montage Elite and let this incredible therapeutic massage chair reduce tension, pressures, muscle aches and pains. The Montage Elite has special sequenced programs to synchronize the airbags in the footrest to duplicate the feel of a Master Masseuse. A really special feature of the Montage Elite is its Traction Function. The footrest holds your feet and calves in place, and then the footrest will gently extend your legs. This extension of the legs pulls your muscles, joints and ligaments which helps your range of motion and joint mobility. Frequent use of the Montage Elite will help you improve your metabolism, increase your blood circulation and help you sleep better.

Air Massage Technology & Footflex Features: The Montage Elite incorporates Air Massage Technology (AMT). Air Massage Technology provides a sensational massage to the buttocks, thigh, calves and feet. The Montage Elite has special programs that synchronize the airbags to inflate and deflate which gently squeeze the lower body. These synchronized programs replicate how a master masseuse would massage your lower body. The foot wells of the Montage Elite have specialized reflexology points. Your reflexology points on your feet reflect back to a corresponding region in your body. By stimulating your reflexology points, you relieve stress along the nerve pathways. Reducing stress is one of the keys to enable your body to relax, which in turn promotes natural healing in your body. If you love a great foot massage—The Montage Elite is for you. Just insert your tired, aching feet and let the Montage Elite take away your tensions!

Remote Control:The remote control of the Montage Elite is simple and easy to use. The remote control has a simple LCD display to provide the exact status of the massage chair functions. Omega Massage has included a wireless sub-remote which means you never have to move to change massage settings. Relief and relaxation is just one button away!

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