Omega M-5000 DLX Massage Chair

Omega Massage Chair, Inc "Again" sets the standard on luxury massage chairs with the release of M-5000 DLX.

Never one to follow the pack with obsolete, mechanical looking chairs; the aesthetics of the M-5000 DLX, with their individually handcrafted wooden arms and matching wood style panels, leads the way on contemporary appeal while still incorporating their shiatsu based, full body massage technology and incorporating their new "reflexology" foot wells! Omega Massage Luxury Massage Chairs, taking you further in full body massage chairs with encapsulating appeal and massage therapy invigoration.
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Operating Voltage: 110~120V / 50~60Hz
Power Consumption: 180 Watts
Massaging Rated: 15 Minutes
Recline Angle: 115~175 Degrees
Massage Stroke Length: 28 Inches
Dimensions: W33' x D51' x H47' (Upright)
W33' x D70' x H33.2' (Recline)
Net Weight: 230 lbs
Material: Ox Hide
Components: Japanese Components
Included: Digital Remote
MP3 Box
SD Card Reader
Detachable Headrest
Detachable Back Cushion
Detachable Seat Cushion
Foot Massage Pad


Only the highest grade of ox hide is used to produce the high quality leather for the M-5000 massage chair. The permeability and soft yet durable qualities of genuine leather are essential to withstand the constant movements of the massage rollers. In addition, an ergonomically designed dual headrest pillow accommodates people with different body physiques, which enhances the comfort level and effectiveness of the M-5000 model.
Incline/Recline: The chair-back and footrest can be lowered and raised simultaneously at the touch of a button, or the footrest can be adjusted independent of the chair-back.
Massage Functions: Choose from tapping, rolling, kneading, knock, or combinations of all the massage functions in automatic program mode or manual mode, and enhance it with 3D air pressure and vibration massages. There are three levels of intensity for the roller massage as well as the air pressure massage ranging from low, medium and high. Massage roller width will auto-adjust or it can also be manually adjusted from narrow, regular, to wide.

Five Automatic Programs: The only massage chair programmed to massage according to the user’s true acupressure points! The massage chair will automatically search and memorize the user’s body physique and massage accordingly to the user’s weight against the chair. Designed to simulate the massage techniques of an actual masseuse, M-5000 effectively lessens body fatigue, reduces stress, eases minor aches and pains, and increases blood circulation and metabolism.
Upper Body: Manually select different massage function and adjust the massage intensity and roller width to your preference. Choose to massage the shoulders, upper back, or lower back region, or fix the massage rollers on a particular spot, and it is almost as if you have become your own masseuse!
Lower Body: Manually choose from different combinations of lower body 3D air pressure massage. Select air pressure massage combination options from (1) calves and feet, (2) seat and feet, or (3) seat and calves. Regular massage of the lower body not only reduces aches, pains, and soreness, but it can also have a slimming effect on the legs.

Music Feature: The M-5000 comes with a built-in MP3 player and also includes a set of headphones. If the user wishes to listen to the music without the use of the headphones, he or she can connect an external speaker (not included). The MP3 player is compatible with Windows 2000/XP, and it is possible to download new songs into the chair! Relax your mind and body in the M-5000, listen to MP3’s and adjust the volume with the remote control. Enjoy a soothing massage to drive all your stresses and worries away.
Dual Headrest Pillow: Our massage chairs are comfortable for all users with different spinal and back curvatures.

3D Air Feature: 210° 3D Air Pressure Foot and leg massage funtion

Core Features:
  • Auto Body Detection
  • 5 Automated Programs
    • Overall massage
    • Neck and shoulder massage
    • Back and waist massage
    • Air pressure massage
    • Air pressure adjustments
  • Multiple manual Programs
  • Lower Body Massage includes
    • Overall lower body massage
    • Pinpoint lower body massage
    • Multiple lower body intensity adjustments
  • Reflexology Technology and 3D AMT (Air Massage Technology) for lower body
  • Back-lit LCD Remote control with remote holder
  • MP3 Player, with USB port, and headphones
  • High quality, leather-like material with ergonomically designed dual headrest pillows
  • MSearches and memorizes the user’s body type and manually adjusts massage accordingly
  • One Touch auto backrest and footrest return
  • Japanese art of "finger pressure" to relieve stress through the pressure points: Upper body - Fengchi, Xuishi, Jianjing, Jianchungshi Lower body - Ganshu, Danshu, Pishi, Weishi, Pangguangshu
Remote Control:The remote control of the Montage Elite is simple and easy to use. The remote control has a simple LCD display to provide the exact status of the massage chair functions. Omega Massage has included a wireless sub-remote which means you never have to move to change massage settings. Relief and relaxation is just one button away!

Brochure: Check out our Review of the M-5000 DLX Massage Chair
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