Omega Orion M-2 Massage Chair

Omega Massage, the premier leader in luxury massage chairs, introduces the Orion M-2 massage chair. The Orion massage chair brings a full body massage chair at an unbelievable price. The Orion massage chair has a 4 roller rocker massage unit for the back with 3 massage techniques to relieve tension and stiffness. The seat contains eight (8) massage heads to mitigate aches, pains and tension providing relief to the thighs and buttocks. The seat also has a vibrating massage to promote blood circulation in the capillary vessels. The foot rest has 8 massage heads to massage the calves. Not only does the Orion massage chair provide a full body massage, but Omega Massage also incorporates new technology with a negative-ion oxygen bar. The negative ion oxygen bar creates a rise in the density of the oxygen to move stagnant oxygen away from your body. This provides your body a healthier and more enjoyable massage!

The Orion M-2 massage chair brings you everything you'd come to expect from Omega Massage, Inc with features you'd expect from a much higher-end chair!
  Price: $999
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Available Colors:     

Operating Voltage: 110~120V / 50~60Hz
Power Consumption: 120 Watts to 200 Watts
Massaging Rated: 15 Minutes
Recline Angle: 115~175 Degrees
Massage Stroke Length: 24 Inches
Dimensions: W29” x D44” x H44” (Upright)
W29” x D61” x H28” (Recline)
Net Weight: 98 lbs
Material: Fire Retardant PVC Leather
Components: Japanese Components
Included:Digital Remote
Detachable Headrest Cushion
Detachable Back Cushion
Detachable Seat Cushion

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The sleek, modern, striking look of the Orion M-2 massage chair is another great timeless design by Omega Massage. The Orion carries Omega Massage’s signature trademark of striking aesthetics while maintaining the comfort of a massage chair. This chair looks good in almost any room. It is certainly a timeless beauty!
Incline/Recline of Back and Foot Rest: The back rest and foot rest of this massage chair can be lowered and raised via manual controls. To recline the chair back, the chair back lever is activated. The back rest is supported by a hydraulic piston. The hydraulic piston provides resistance to slowly recline the back rest with the weight of the user. To incline the chair back upright, the chair back lever is activated. The user must sit up slightly to allow the hydraulic piston to push the back rest to its full upright position.

The foot rest also has a hydraulic piston. When you push down on the foot rest lever, the hydraulic piston will raise the foot rest. With the foot rest in the raised position, the foot rest can also be extended out another 4 inches. The extended footrest enables you to set the calf rollers exactly where you want them for the perfect calf massage.
Back Massage Functions: The Orion M-2 massage chair allows you to choose from 3 back massage techniques. The three massage techniques are Kneading, Swaying and Pressing. The Kneading massage function imitates the pulling, pressing and kneading technique of a masseuse. The Swaying massage function gently adjusts the spinal column and ligaments. The Pressing massage function imitates the finger pressing of a masseuse to help align the spinal column.
Automatic or Manual Programs: You can select the automatic program mode and choose from Whole Body, Back or Waist massages. The Orion will then perform a pre-set massage program. Or you can switch to manual mode and select either: Kneading, Swaying and Pressing. In the manual mode, you can also move the back rollers up and down to any spot on your back that you desire. This enables you to pinpoint a particular spot and soothe and relieve your tensions. Or you can select the massage technique you like and then select either Whole, Back or Waist and the Orion will perform the selected technique in the area you selected. You can also set the speed of the massage from slow, medium or fast.

The Orion’s massage functions help to increase blood circulation and prepare your body for a more productive day. The Orion massage chair helps to lessen body fatigue, reduce stress, and to ease minor aches and pains.
Upper Body: Manually select different massage functions and adjust the massage speed to your preference. Choose to massage the Whole Body, the Back or the Waist, or fix the massage rollers on a particular spot. All these functions are at your fingertips!
Lower Body: Manually choose from different combinations of lower body massage. You can let the automatic program work through a combination massage or you can individually select to massage the thighs/buttocks or the calves. Regular massage of the lower body helps increase metabolism and energy flow throughout the body.
Seat and Foot Rest Therapeutic Massage: You can choose massages in the seat and the foot rest. The seat has a thigh massage function with eight (8) massage heads to mitigate aches and pains and provide relief. The seat also comes with a vibrating massage option. The seat vibrating massage promotes blood circulation in the capillary vessels.

The let rest has 8 massaging heads to give great penetration for the feet and calves. The leg rest can also be extended up to four (4) inches, so the feet and calves can be positioned for the perfect massage.
Remote Control:
Brochure:M-2 Orion Massage Chair Brochure
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