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Massagenius, Inc. is a massage chair and massage bed importer / wholesaler. This manufacturer is a company dedicated to research, design and manufacturer the new generation massage chairs and massage beds to be the leader of the market.


A Delicate and Ingenious Massage Chair

Modern ergonomic "S" style chair back design and humanized build-in programs to perform rolling, tapping, pointing and kneading functions, make it an excellent massage lounger whose deep tissue Shiatsu massage is amiable for every human being. Click here to view Massagenius 702 Massage Chair

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Better than most massage chairs

It has a remarkable 25 inches wide Multi-Globular vibrating seat cushion gently relax the sore muscle of the hips and work well with the vibrating chair arm rest and vibrating foot rest. Click here to view Massagenius 812 Massage Chair

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The back pain cure

With the latest technology built within the massage chair to perform Shiatsu massage with rolling, tapping, kneading and stretching functions. Now has the new feature, leg roller massage, make it a true massage genius. Click here to view Massagenius 842 Massage Chair

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