Typical Massage Techniques in Massage Chairs

The world has evolved as many massage techniques as cultures that have existed. Massage chair manufacturers are programming more and more massage techniques in their recliners. Many of these movements can produce hundreds of variations of massages. Most of these movements are premised on the following four common massage movements in massage chairs.
Kneading (Shiatsu) Massage: The Kneading or Shiatsu massage provides a gentle squeeze, hold and release which helps to both relax and invigorate the body. The kneading or shiatsu massage penetrates deep into the muscles to help reduce tension, stress and fatigue. The shiatsu massage applies pressure to your acupressure points which provides whole body relaxation.
Rolling/Finger Pressing Massage: Rolling or Finger Pressing massage stretches the spine by elongating the muscles that support your back. The roller unit will “roll: up and down your spine which relieves pressure on the cervical discs in your back. The Rolling or Finger Pressing massage stimulates spinal nerve roots which can reduce muscular back pain.
Tapping Massage: The Tapping massage gives a Tapping massage. The Tapping massage helps improve and increase your blood circulation through the Tapping sensation. With the increased blood flow you experience reduced muscle stiffness and enhanced circulation oxygen and vital nutrients.
Combination Tapping/Kneading Massage: The combination Tapping & Kneading Massage utilizes the kneading and tapping massages simultaneously. You get the gentle squeeze, hold and release of the Kneading penetrating deep into the muscles and the Tapping massage which improves blood flow. The combination Tapping and Kneading is a very invigorating massage.
These are the main massage techniques in massage chairs. With more sophisticated software and precision mechanisms more movements are being achieved. This is great news for consumers as you can expect more and more effective massage therapy through time.
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