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Shiatsu, Swedish, Acupressure, Hawaiian, Deep Tissue, Reflexology Massage Therapy

We have put together our choices for the best in class massage chairs by massage technique. We categorize these recliners by massage technique. This gives you a massage chair comparison by technique. The best massage chair recliners have very advanced massage techniques. You can find massage techniques such as Reflexology, Swedish, Hawaiian, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Deep Tissue and many others. Which techniques is best for you and what is the best massage chair to choose. Let first starrt with the massage techniques and we'll point you to massage chairs that may fit your bill.
Reflexology Massage - This massage uses gentle pressure into the soles of your feet. This is a relieving massage for stiff and tired feet. Special reflexology nodes or reflexology plates are used to stimulate the bottom of the feet and help invigorate the whole body.
Montage Pro Massage Chair Image
Montage Elite EP-30006 Montage Pro
Shiatsu Massage - Originating in Japan, this massage is derived from the techniques of using different parts of the hand. Pressure is applied using the thumbs, palms and fingers. Other noted features are the stimulation of acupoints and using various chopping and tapping actions to invigorate the body. This is a great massage for overall relaxation and relief.
EP-30004 Montage Premier EP-1082 Combo
Swedish Massage - This massage technique is a lso known as a classic massage. It uses 6 basic strokes. These long, flowing strokes are used to provide for stretching, pulling and stimulatin the muslces. A Swedish massage or classic massage assists to enhance circulation and blood flow and to loosen tight muscles while reducing soreness.
EP-30006 EP-30004 EP-1285
Deep Tissue - This massage works specific muscles and joints to penetrate more deeply. Many massage techniques are superficial and do not penetrate through the muscle and soft tissue areas. Deep Tissue massaage is used to penetrate through the muslces to provide relief of stiffness and soreness. Many athletes used deep tissue to relieve tightness and soreness in muscles and joints.
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Montage Elite Montage Premier Montage Pro
Acu Pressure Massage - This technique applies pressure to different acupressure points in the back or other parts of the body. It is believed that acupoints help to release blocked energy in the body. This helps to restore your body's vitality. This is a good massage for relieving pain and tension throughout the body.
SA 5000C Montage Elite EP-30006
Kneading Massage - This is the classic massage movement. It uses a side to side motion, like a pinching action. It gets its name from kneading bread. This action helps to relieve stiffness in the larger muscles of the back, neck and shoulders. It provides a soothing and relieving squeezing action. This helps to loosen tight muscles and reduce pain from tightness.
Montage Pro Massage Chair Image
Montage Pro Montage Premier DR7700K
Tapping Massage or Chopping Massage - This is a rapid chopping action. This can range from 150 beats per minute and higher. The rapid succession of blows helps to invigorate the body. This helps to loosen tight muscle areas and break down scar tissue. It also penetrates deeper and promotes increased blood flow and mild relief of pain.
Montage Elite SR-1000 Montage Premier
Vibration Massage - This massage provides deep penetration with week to strong vibrations. Many new sophisticated programs have been developed to provide rhythmic, and pulsating vibration. These vibro massages are great for relieving tightness, soreness and discomfort. They also help to promote blood circulation and provide soothing relief.
Serenity Skyline  
Hawaiian Massage or Sway Massage - This type of massage uses a gentle side to side motion to adjust the ligaments and spinal column which helps to relieve pressure points along the back relieving pain and tension. The back and forth motion helps to loosen the back and provide relief.
EP1082 Combo EP 1080  
Finger Press Massage - This massage is a rolling massage where a pressing motion up and down the spinal column which helps to stretch the veterbrae ligaments and to adjust the spinal column.
Montage Pro Massage Chair Image
Montage Pro SA 5000 Montage Elite
Air Compression Massage - This massage uses air bags and an air compressor to deliver a compression massage. Air bags are designed to countour the major muscles. This provides a squeeze, hold and release style of massage. This helps to loosen tight muscles and enhance blood circulation. Air compression massage targets the hands, arms, neck, shoulders, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves and feet. Get the relief you need with an air compression massage system.
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Montage Premier Montage Pro Serenity
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