Features Of Massage Chairs

A Massage chair manufacturers are incorporating a wide range of different technologies. This helps massage chairs to provide a range of different massage applications. There are many new advancements in the world of massage recliners. The top manufacturers from Panasonic to Omega to Sanyo are bringing out new and innovative technologies. All of these are to provide you with soothing and relieving massage therapy. We point out some of the key features of these very advanced massage recliners.
Style & Design: There are a wide range of styles of massage chairs. Most designs are more contemporary and modern. There are a few massage chairs which have more traditional designs but they are very few. Most massage chairs come in standard colors such as black, brown and ivory.
Body Scan Capability: In order to provide a customized massage, many massage chairs incorporate body scan technology. This enables the massage chair to identify the location of the neck and shoulders. Some massage chairs are also able to determine that the curvature of the spine as well.
Advanced Roller Systems: One of the more important massage treatments is the back, neck and shoulders. New roller technology is always been developed to better provide a range of massage techniques for the back, neck and shoulders. These rollers are driven by strong motors to provide deep tissue massage.
Remotes With LCDs: Remote controls are commonly found on massage chairs. This enables you to activate or deactivate certain types of treatments. LCD screens are used to show exactly what treatments are being applied. The remote control either goes in a pocket in the chair or on a remote stand.
Reflexology Foot Massage: Foot massage is an important element of any massage treatment. Reflexology foot massage plates are integrated into the foot wells of a massage chair. These reflexology plates stimulate the soles of the feet. While the foot is receiving a compression style massage to relieve discomfort, the trigger points help to invigorate your entire body.
Air Massage Systems: The most advanced massage chairs are using air compression massage system. Air compression is used to inflate and deflate air bags located throughout the massage recliner. The airbags are specially contoured to provide a relieving massage to the larger muscles of the body. Air compression systems are used for massaging the lower body and also the arms and hands.
Vibration Massage Systems: Vibration massage systems are used to invigorate the body. The use of vibration is particularly effective in loosening up tight muscles. It is also able to penetrate deeply through the muscle tissue. Vibration is particularly effective for the buttocks, thighs and feet.
Stretching System: You can now find different stretching systems incorporated into massage chairs. There are two basic systems found in massaging recliners. One is a lower body stretching and the other is and upper body stretching. These are great way to improve flexibility and range of motion of your major joints.
Heat Therapy: Heat therapy is becoming more commonly found in massage chairs. Heat is a great way to warm up the muscles during a massage. Heat also helps to improve blood flow and to reduce swelling. Heaters may be individually control to allow the user to apply heat where they needed.
MP3 Music Players: MP3 music players are being added into massage chairs. Music is a great way to relax the mind. This is an important aspect of getting a massage. Your mind needs to be calm and quiet. If your mind is ruminating on problems, then your body will be more resistant to the massage. Music helps to provide a soothing environment for relaxation and a more effective massage treatment.
Wireless Remote: Most remote controls are hardwired into the massage recliner. We are now beginning to see some wireless remotes on the marketplace. The wireless remotes are able to operate most of the features of the chair. This is particularly convenient when you are fully recline in don't have to keep getting up to make any adjustments to your massage.
These are some of the more advanced features now found in massage chairs. Each of these has a particular role in providing for your complete massage experience. There are many new features being added into massage chairs at a rapid pace. Check out some of the best brands like Panasonic, Omega and Sanyo to find the perfect massage recliner for you.
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