Sanyo Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Sanyo HEC-SR1000K Massage Chair

Sanyo has developed a full line of massage chairs. The entry level Sanyo massage chair is their model SR 1000K. The SR-1000K has some very unique features. It also comes with some features that Sanyo has in some of its luxury models. We will point out some of the more important features and functions and touch on the warranty of the SR1000K massage chair by Sanyo.
With all massage chairs, make sure that you check out the warranty coverage. There is substantial variation between models of the same manufacturer and also between manufacturers. Let us focus on the warranty of the DR 6700. The roller mechanism is covered for a three year period. This is what massages the back and the mechanics are contained in the chair back. The parts and labor are covered for one year each. There is also in home repair available and that is picked up by Sanyo for the first year.
There are two automatic programs designed in the SR 1000K massage chair. The first program is called Relax and as the name implies, it provides a softer, soothing massage. The second program is named Recovery and it is more like a warm down type of massage. Both of these auto-programs work with the touch of one button.
An intriguing and innovative feature is called the Stiffness Detector. This system using readings of your pulse rate and perspiration levels and correlates those to areas of the body having more tension. The massage chair then focuses the massage treatment to those areas detected. This is a fascinating technology integrated into the SR 1000 massage chair.
There are manual massage methods also built into the programming of the massage chair. These manual massages use one type of technique once selected. However, you can compliment the manual massage technique with 2 variations of leg stretches. Just select the type of stretch you would like and the SR 1000 will add it as part of the manual program as it is running.
The legs can be treated by the leg rest massager. The leg rest is designed for the feet and the calves. The feet massager has a flip down unit. This is a nice feature when you are not using the foot massager, just flip it back up and it is out of the way. The massage is pretty invigorating and can effectively relieve tight and sore muscles.
The remote control is corded to the massage chair. It has a nice gradient light structure that shows you the intensity setting of the massage and also the roller with of the roller mechanism. The remote is well laid out and is fairly simple to use for even first time users of the massage chair.
The Sanyo line starts with the SR-1000K massage recliner. It has some of the same features as the higher products in the line. However, it has a completely different look than the other Sanyo massage chairs. The leg rest is also unique to the SR 1000. The massage therapy is pretty effective. The foot portion of the leg rest can be hidden from view which saves space and makes it more attractive. The warranty is very good for this level of massage chair as well. Overall, the SR1000K is a pretty solid value for an entry massage chair recliner.
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