Sanyo Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Sanyo HEC-SR1000K Massage Chair

Sanyo has an entry level massage chair called the SR-1000K. The SR-1000K has many of the same features as some of the higher end chairs made by Sanyo. This product review will discuss some of the more salient features and functions of the SR 1000K massage chair by Sanyo.
What about the warranty coverage provided by Sanyo for the SR-1000K? The SR 1000K comes with three year coverage for the roller mechanism. This is the mechanical system that performs the massage functions for the back, neck and shoulders. Sanyo will also cover the parts for one year and the labor for year. One of the more generous elements of the warranty is providing in home repair for the first year of ownership.
Sanyo has designed two auto programs which run the full massage chair with the touch of a button. These 2 programs are named Relax and Recovery. As their name implies, the types of massage treatment is geared around the name. Recovery is used after strenuous activity. Relax is more subtle and looks to induce full body relaxation and tranquility of the mind.
On the advanced electronics side of the equation, Sanyo has borrowed some technology used to make its lie detectors. The technology is used in its Stiffness Detector. The Stiffness Detector is used to locate areas of tension build up or muscle stiffness. The chair takes readings from your finger and then targets those areas for relief.
Would you enjoy a good leg stretch now and then? In addition to the manual massage techniques, Sanyo has built two different stretches into the chair. You can select the manual massage technique and then select stretch 1 or stretch 2 and the chair will seamlessly integrate the stretching into the massage program.
One of the very unique functions of the massage chair is the leg rest massage mechanism. The leg rest can target the calves and also the feet. It has a special flip down portion that is used to massage the feet. It can be flipped up and hidden from view when not in use. You do have to position your feet to flip the portion down. The massage is pretty invigorating and can be relieving for the feet and calves.
There is a remote that runs all the functions of the SR1000. The design is fairly simple and intuitive for first time users. The buttons are a good size and easy for the average user to push. There are little lights that are used to show the level of intensity of the massage and also the roller width.
The SR-1000 massage chair has some very good features for an entry level massage chair. It contains some of the electronics from Sanyo's high end chairs like the stiffness detector and the physical shape sensor. The warranty for this recliner is also good for this level of chair. The design is a little funky and unfortunately Sanyo located a power box on the side of the chair which takes away from its attractiveness. We also wished they had more than 2 automatic massage programs in the recliner. But, if you are looking for a solid massage chair with some fairly contemporary styling, the SR-1000K is a nice massage chair.
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