Sanyo Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Sanyo HEC-SR1000K Massage Chair

The following is a product review and evaluation of the Sanyo HEC-SR1000K massage chair recliner. This is the entry level massage chair model for Sanyo. We will present the salient features, functions and warranty coverage available for this massage chair. Let us take an in depth look at the Sanyo SR1000K massage chair recliner.
The warranty coverage is similar to an insurance policy. You get insurance so that you are not affected by a catastrophe. You want sufficient warranty coverage to protect you from defects in components or workmanship of the massage chair. The warranty for this massage recliner is from Sanyo. Sanyo gives the following coverage for the SR-1000K recliner: 3 years for the roller mechanism, 1 year labor, 1 year parts and 1 year in home service. The Sanyo warranty is the same for all their models. However, for this price range, the warranty is very good.
The SR 1000K has some very unique and interesting features. We will start with the massage therapy features. This massage recliner comes with 2 automatic programs which include relax and recovery. You first select the auto button and then the massage therapy program. You can then select the area to massage. Your choices are neck/shoulder, upper body, or waist.
Sanyo has incorporated a stiffness detector in the SR-1000K. The stiffness detector senses tight muscles in the body. It uses technology similar to a lie detector and knows where stress is being detected. The sensor works by you holding the sensor in your hand. The sensor then feeds that data to the computer which then directs the massage to concentrate on the stiff areas detected.
You can also use the massage chair in manual mode. The manual mode has manual massage techniques which include massage, tapping, combination, stretch 1 and stretch 2. You can also use the massages in combination with the stretching. This gives you many more varieties of massage treatments to choose from with this chair.
The SR1000K also comes with a unique leg rest massager. The leg rest can be used to target the following areas: calves, back of the knees, sole of the foot and the Achilles tendon/heal. The leg rest contains a roller mechanism that massages the calves and the back of the knees. You can flip down the unit and then put your feet on it. This allows you to target the soles of your feet for a nice soothing massage. You can vary the speed of the massage and also the direction of the rollers.
The remote of the SR1000K is fairly well designed. You have to get used to the sequence of the commands. It is laid out well and not too hard to pick up with use. It uses gradients of lights to show the intensity which helps it be more intuitive to use and to read.
The design is different than most massage chairs on the market. We like the fact that the leg rest does not look like the typical massage chair. It looks more like a recliner. The feet can be massaged and this part can be hidden from view. The only strange part of the design is the remote control holder is mounted on the sign and kind of an eye sore. We do like the wood accents and that the chair is fairly thin. Overall, the SR-1000K provides thorough and effective massage therapy. It comes with a great warranty for this price level. If you are shopping for a massage chair recliner, then the Sanyo SR1000K is one to take a serious look at.
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