Sanyo Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Sanyo SA-5000 KU Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

This review covers the SA 5000 massage chair by Sanyo. We will evaluate the features, options and warranty of this mid range chair. There are many chairs on the market and many from small factories in China at very low prices. It is important to find good brands with strong warranties so you can have many years of peaceful and relaxing massage therapy. Let us take a look at this Sanyo massage chair.
Like any purchase of electronic equipment, the warranty is your protection against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. The warranty is especially important on big ticket items. Massage chairs are big ticket items and you as the consumer want sufficient protection. The stronger the warranty, the more peace of mind you will have after your purchase. Sanyo provides a basic warranty of 1 year on the parts, 1 year on labor and 3 years on the roller mechanism. Sanyo has also started in home technician service and covers this for a generous 1 year. Sanyo also has a 24/7 call center which is another good step. The call center is fairly responsive and since it is run by Sanyo, it is more effective than if you had to rely on individual retailers as before.
The SA 5000 comes with a full remote control and also comes with wired sub remote. The main remote control has 4 automatic programs. You can turn the chair on and then select the automatic program. Additionally, you can select a particular area of focus for your back. For example, lower back and then the massage therapy will be confined to just this area. It also operates the rest of the chair regardless of the area of focus on your back. Manual massages involve a few more steps that take some getting used to until it is more intuitive. The remote is pretty intuitive to use, but again some investment of time is required to manage the manual massages effectively.
One of the interesting features in the SA-5000 is the sensor contained in the wired sub remote. This sub remote has a pulse and perspiration sensor. It monitors your pulse and perspiration to determine areas that are need of further attention during the massage. For this to work, you must grip the sensor throughout the massage. The chair will actually adjust the massage based on feedback obtained from the sensor. Sanyo has also included some chair controls on the sub remote. You can adjust chair back and the foot rest with the sub remote. They also included a repeat button. This enables you to repeat a massage that just occurred. This is nice if you want further attention in a given area that the chair just covered.
There are four massage therapies in the Sanyo SA 5000. They have Stiffness, Recovery, Relax and Fine. Stiffness is a Shiatsu style massage targeting the upper body and legs. Recovery is for easing and loosening stiff and tired muscles. Relax is geared for whole body relaxation and tranquility. Fine is for increasing blood and lymph flow. These automatic massages run the entire chair and provide for full body massages. These are all one-touch controls. There are 3 stretch controls that can also be used in conjunction with the automatic massages.
The manual massage techniques include the following: Grip, Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping, and Combination. Grip makes use of the exclusive GK Rollers specially designed by Sanyo. The GK roller system can extend further outward than most roller systems. This makes gripping or grasping over the tops of the shoulders or around the neck possible. This is effective to provide relief in this area. Shiatsu is a combination of chopping and kneading actions. The kneading massage is a side to side pinching action which is very relieving. Tapping is a rapid succession of soft blows to loosen stiff muscle areas. Combination is using kneading and tapping simultaneous.
Sanyo includes an air massage system in the SA-5000 massage recliner. The air system is driven by an air compressor. The air compressor uses a system of solenoid valves to regulate the flow and control which air bags are activated during the massage. The air massage system targets the lower body. The air bags are strategically placed to target the thighs, calves and feet. The air compression massage is sequenced with a squeeze, hold and release technique. The airbags come with specially designed shiatsu points to stimulate acupressure points in the lower body to provide full body relaxation. Additionally, Sanyo has included a heater in the foot wells. This heater just heats the bottom of your feet.
The Sanyo SA 5000 is a solid massage chair. It has a very modern and somewhat industrial looking design. There are minor designer accents with wood grain inserts on the side panels. The massage therapy is fairly effective and comprehensive. The GK rollers provide a unique Grip massage which literally reaches out over the shoulders. This is perhaps the most effective technique in the chair. The pulse and perspiration sensor is novel, but requires the user to hold it throughout the massage making it less convenient. The warranty is great on the in home technician service with one year, but less coverage is given on the chair with the exception of the rollers which are covered for one year. If you are looking at a good mid range massage chair recliner, then you should definitely put this one on your short list.
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