Sanyo Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Sanyo DR6700K Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

This is a product review of the high end Sanyo DR-6700 massage chair. Sanyo boasts a full line of massage chairs. The DR-6700 is the model just below the DR7700 which is the top of the line model for Sanyo. We will evaluate some of the advanced electronic features and massage functions of the DR 6700. Here is our evaluation of the Sanyo DR6700 massage chair recliner.
Warranty coverage is the dryer of the subjects that we are obligated to cover, but in the long run it can be very important. Massage chairs are complex machines with both electrical components and mechanical mechanisms. Quality levels continue a steady improvement, but there are occasional issues. Make sure you protect yourself with an adequate warranty.
So what is the warranty coverage for the Sanyo HEC-DR6700 massage chair? Sanyo makes it easy, since they offer the same warranty on all chairs. That is good for their low end chairs but less sufficient for their higher end models. There warranty is 3 years on the roller mechanism, 1 year parts and labor, and 1 year in home technician service. The 1 year parts and labor is a bit cheap for a high end chair, but the 1 year in home service is...
What kind of massage therapy do you get with the DR6700? The DR-6700 comes with four pre-programmed programs. Sanyo has developed themed massage programs which consist of Fine, Recovery, Stiffness and Relax. These programs are well designed and provide for effective massage therapy depending on the focus selected.
Additionally, the Sanyo chair is armed with manual massage techniques. These can be used to target specific symptoms or areas of the body for relief. One of massage techniques for instance is called Grip. The Grip massage treatment uses a gripping action that can soothe and relieve tired and sore muscles. This type of massage is particularly effective for the shoulder and neck areas.
You have a number of options that can be selected with the DR 6700 massage chair. You can adjust the intensity of the massage. This makes it either softer or stronger depending on your desire. Also, the roller width can be changed. This is helpful if you want the spread of the rollers to hit a wider area of your back. Or for example, if you want the rolling massage to hit more of the cervical discs, then you can make it narrower.
Another set of functions integrated into the DR 6700 are manual massage courses. Manual massage courses will move the roller mechanism in a certain zone or region of the body. For instance, you can select neck and shoulders as the region and then select the kneading massage. The kneading will be done exclusively in this area for the duration of the massage.
Sanyo is know for its advanced electronics, are any integrated into the DR-6700 massage chair? Yes, there are some very interesting electronics, such as a stiffness detector. The stiffness detector is based on lie detector technology. It monitors your pulse rate and also your perspiration level. It then feeds this data to the computer which then can identify where then tension is residing in your body and adjusts the massage program.
Need a good lower body massage? This Sanyo model comes equipped with an air compression massage system for the lower body. A compression massage uses a squeezing action to relieve tired, aching muscles. The air compression massage targets the legs, calves and feet. They have also integrated a heater to warm the bottoms of your feet.
If you are considering a high end massage chair, then you may want to check out the HEC-DR6700 from Sanyo. It has many advanced electronic features that can automatically identify trouble areas of tension and stiffness. There are many relieving massage programs built into the recliner. You also have many manual options to target exactly where you need the attention the most. The Sanyo DR-6700 is certainly a solid massage chair for your long term needs.
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