Sanyo Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Sanyo DR6700K Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

There are many massage chairs on the market today and you have more choices on the types of features and functions. We will provide a product review of the Sanyo DR 6700K massage chair. This is a higher end massage chair from Sanyo. Our product review will cover the more important features of the massage recliner. We will also touch on the warranty included with the Sanyo DR 6700 massage recliner.
We will start with the warranty coverage. We always advise to go with a recognized massage chair brand. These national brands will have adequate warranty coverage and will be quick and responsive if an issue were to arise. You do not want a no-name brand that then does not stock parts and provides poor service, if at all.
The warranty coverage of the Sanyo DR 6700K is 3 years on the roller mechanism. The roller mechanism is contained in the chair back and is responsible for providing the massage therapy for your back, neck and shoulders. Parts and Labor are both covered for 1 year for the rest of the massage chair. Sanyo also gives you 1 year of in home technician service. That means a qualified technician will come to your house and repair the massage chair.
The DR 6700 comes with 4 automatic massage programs. These are one-touch massage programs. They are based around the following themes: Stiffness, Recovery, Fine and Relax. With the touch of a button, the DR6700 will provide a full body massage for the time set. These programs run the whole chair, so all you have to do is sit back and relax.
There are also many manual options for your relaxation needs. If you have a particular trouble spot or area, then you can switch to manual mode and use a manual massage. The manual massage techniques are as follows: Gap, Shiatsu, Kneading, Tapping and Combo. Each of these techniques is specialized with a particular movement to loosen or revitalize tight and sore muscles.
When in manual mode, you can select many different options to suit your needs at that moment. You can adjust the intensity of the massage to be more or less penetrating. You can adjust the width of the rollers for certain manual massages. This lets you get more around the spine or you can get a wider coverage to get the shoulders.
There are even more options on the area of your back that you would like to target. Choose from neck and shoulders, lower back, lower body and quick course. You can select the massage technique that you wish and then have it focus in these regions. This is very helpful if you have stiffness in a particular area.
The DR-6700 comes with some advanced electronics that are also integrated into the massage chair. There is a Stiffness Detector. This measure the degree or perspiration and pulse rate when your fingers are placed on the secondary remote sensor. The massage chair is then able to determine areas in the body that have unusual tension or stiffness. The on board computer then automatically targets these areas for relief.
There is also a lower body air massage system built into the DR6700. The air system controls tactically placed air bags in the leg rest to soothe and relieve tight muscles. The feet are in for a treat with the acupoint nodes imbedded in the foot wells. Sanyo also places sole warmers to keep your feet warm during the massage. This also helps to improve blood flow and reduce swelling. Your feet are in for a treat.
The Sanyo DR6700K is a luxury massage chair. It has many of the same features as the highest model the DR7700K. The specialized GK rollers provide an excellent over the shoulder massage which is unique to the Sanyo line. There are also interesting features like the stiffness detector to automatically locate and target areas of tension in your body. The warranty coverage is good for this model. This is a solid massage chair recliner and definitely worthy of your consideration for your massage therapy needs.
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