Panasonic Massage Chair Review

Review of Panasonic Real Pro Elite EP3222 Shiatsu Massage Chair

This product review will evaluate the Panasonic EP3222 model massage chair recliner. The EP 3222 is part of the Real Pro Elite series. Panasonic has a full range of massage chairs and this model is one of the high end chairs that they make. This review will analyze the features, functions and warranty coverage of the EP-3222 massage chair.
Warranty coverage is an important aspect of purchasing any manufactured product these days. Although quality levels continue to improve and the incidence of breakdown is minimal, you still want to make sure you have protection. Warranty coverage is like obtaining an insurance policy. One you hope to never use, but just in case it is there if you need it.
The EP3222 comes with a standard warranty from Panasonic. The standard warranty covers parts for three years. There is one year of labor covered. A nation wide n in home technician service is also available and the first 90 days is covered with the standard warranty.
An excellent feature that is integrated into the EP 3222 is known as a body scan. The body scan creates an electronic map of your back. It identifies key points like your shoulder height and width of your neck. Also, it identifies your acupressure points in your back of which there are almost 100 in all. The information is then used to give you a truly unique massage.
There is an innovative mechanical device incorporated in the chairs roller massage system. It is termed a floating massage mechanism. The floating massage mechanism is the result of simulating the movements of the hand. This mechanism can replicate hand movements such as pressing, stroking and thumb like pressure.
Panasonic has built into the EP 3222 an arsenal of massage treatments and options to help relieve any aches and pains you might have. There are 6 pre-programmed massages which can be activated at the touch of a button. You also have a solid variety of manual massages including Swedish, Kneading, Compression, Tapping, Shiatsu and Rolling.
Another area that Panasonic can target with the EP3222 is the entire lower body. They accomplish this with an air massage system. The air massage system uses a compressor which delivers to 33 strategically place air bags. These air bags provide and effective and relieving compression massage throughout the lower body.
The EP 3222 comes with a voice guidance system which can guide you through targeting specific relief. This is helpful for first time users or when you want to try something new. The remote also has a memory function. The memory function remembers the exact settings for the last five minutes of a massage you just received. If you like what just happened, you can store it in memory for the next time.
There is a lower body traction system built into the EP3222. This provides an excellent stretch of the lower body. The leg rest is designed to hold your feet, raise the leg rest and then lower it slowly. This will elongate your muscles and improve your range of motion.
The EP-3222 is one of the better massage chairs produced by Panasonic. It is part of the Real Pro Elite massage chair series and comes with some excellent functionality. Our minor concern is the 1 year of labor for the chair. We feel this should match the parts of 3 years and be in line with the other major manufacturers. The massage therapy is very effective and the variety of massage treatments is very good. This is a good massage chair. The EP-3222 massage chair will provide you many years of massage therapy enjoyment and relief.
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