Panasonic Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Panasonic EP-30004 Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Real Pro Ultra series is Panasonic's next advance in their massage chair line. This series incorporates some of its newest technology and functions shared acoss models. We will take an in-depth view of the EP-30004 Panasonic massage chair. This review evaluates and opinionates on categories such as features, functions and warranty coverage.
One of the first and most important items you need to find out is the warranty coverage. The warranty is your long term protection against problems down the road. Although Panasonic is a household name, it doesn't mean it has the greatest warranty coverage. So beware, that you need to check and find out what the company's warranty coverage is for the massage chair you are looking to get.
So what does Panasonic give you for warranty coverage? With the EP-30004 you get 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor. You do get in home technician service for that first year as well. This is perhaps the most generous part of the warranty. The 1 year labor is just too short. Most manufacturers give you 3 years on the parts. Maybe you can get an extended warranty, but you need to find out.
So enough warranty, let us move on to bigger and better things like features. The EP30004 comes with many advanced features like the lower body stretch and the shoulder stretch. Panasonic has added the Junetsu massage therapy technique. This is a kneading type massage and makes small motions in a circle. It can penetrate in a given area with a radius of about 1 inch. There is also firm pressure to penetrate deeper into the muscle tissue.
If you are into massage, then check out this barrage of massage therapy options. You get 4 automatic programs and 8 manual massage programs. These manual programs can be coupled with certain back courses for a multiplied coverage potential. There are even specific regions like the neck, shoulder, middle back, lower back and full back modes to choose from. From simple beginnings, come a multitude of variety and choice for your massage therapy needs.
One interesting feature of Panasonic massage chairs continued in the Real Pro Ultra series is the self-programming. You can memorize certain programs that were just performed by hitting the self program button. This means you can repeat that particular program on demand. This is great as your trouble spots shift in time. This allows you to target areas for recurring treatment. This is available for up to 4 users.
Now if we take a look at the lower body, we will see that Panasonic takes care of it with an air massage system. Air massage systems use airbags and compression style massage therapy. This is very effective to loosen tight muscles. Air bags provide great flexibility and can easily cover large muscles of the body effectively. The compression massage is very soothing and relieving as your muscle relax. There are also stretching capabilities which can elongate the shoulder and legs.
We are unimpressed with the look of the design. It tends to be very industrial. However, it is very functional, which hopefully makes up for its lack of savvy design. There is a leg extension which goes an extra five inches. The arms and hands are massaged by lifting up a cover on the armrests. The compression is actually firm. At least the Panasonic design team got rid of the unsightly arm massage apparatus.
This is a high end luxury model with some great massage therapy features. The design is a bit industrial and the warranty lacking for a name brand. The air massage covers most of the body. The Junetsu massage therapy is great for working out knots. If you are looking for a chair, then try this one out, but it is not the ultimate massage chair recliner. It is however, fairly close.
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