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Product Review: Panasonic EP1272 Shiatsu Massage Chair

The focus of this product review is one of the massage chairs from the Real Pro Elite line from Panasonic. The Real Pro Elite represents a cohesive approach to consistent massage therapy techniques and mechanisms in each recliner. We will take an in depth look at the EP 1272 model.
The warranty protection is critical on big ticket items such as massage chairs. You want to make sure you have adequate protection down the road, regardless of brand. The EP 1272 comes with 3 years parts and 1 year labor. Service for repair is through an authorized dealer. This may be convenient for Panasonic, but not for the owner of a 200 lb. massage chair. They now offer in home service, but this service is not included.
There are some effective massage therapy treatments included with the EP1272. There are 4 automatic massage programs. Start these at the touch of a single button. There are 8 different manual massage treatments. Also, you can target the back with 3 separate back massage courses. The lower body is covered with the feet and calf air massage system.
The EP 1272 has 4 automatic, one touch programs. There is the Shiatsu massage for stimulating the back, shoulders and neck with both tapping and deep rubbing movements. Try the Swedish which uses longer strokes to loosen back muscles and then uses rhythmic, circular motions to relieve tightness. The Stretch massage will elongate the back, neck and shoulder muscles with a combination of shiatsu, kneading, rolling and pressing massages. If you do not have much time, select Quick for a fast but thorough loosening of the full back and neck.
With the EP-1272, there are 8 manual massage techniques for a tremendous variety of options for your massage therapy needs. The Real Pro Elite series features the following massages: Swedish, Hawaiian, soft shiatsu, tapping, regional rolling and full rolling. We particularly like the Hawaiian massage which loosens up the back muscles and also provides deeper penetration. Got tight shoulders, try the kneading massage to relieve the tension. The compression massage is great to provide overall relief and to help your full body relax. This massage recliner has some sensational massage therapies.
If you like to have your feet or calves massaged, then the EP 1272 can provide relief for you. The leg rest has built in air bags to provide a soothing and comforting compression massage. Position the area of your leg and let the EP1272 work out those tight calf muscles. Raise the leg rest more horizontal and place your feet in for a relaxing and relieving foot massage. The EP 1272 is a treat for both your calves and feet.
We like the simple design of the Panasonic remote control. They have certainly set the standard over the years for the industry. The one touch automatic programs are excellent for a full body massage. Need a little customization, then just flip open the hidden panel and select from the eight manual massage treatments. Select exactly the area or pinpoint a specific point to work over in your favorite technique. You can even adjust the roller width and set the massage intensity. This massage recliner is very versatile.
The EP-1272 is a solid contributor to the Real Pro Elite massage chair line by Panasonic. You have such a wide range of manual massage therapies. You would be hard pressed not to find relief with this machine. Although, the massage chair is solidly built, we have to say we are not impressed with the short warranty coverage from Panasonic. They also need to work on the industrial design and make it more aesthetic for the average residence. But on the massage side, the EP-1272 is a solid performer and one of the better values in the mid range massage chair recliner market.
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