Panasonic Massage Chair Review

Panasonic EP-1082 KL Combo Massage Chair Review

Panasonic massage chairs has released the new urban collection series. The new urban collection series consists of three different massage recliners. Each is stylized and ultramodern design featuring brushed aluminum accents. We take a look at the EP 1082 KL Combo massage chair.
The Panasonic urban collection is certainly a break from the Monday and industrial looking the designs of the past. This is the first foray into a very contemporary massage recliner. There are three models in the new urban collection and we will focus on the EP 1082KL Combo with the separate leg ottoman.
Panasonic has created a recliner with a separate leg. This is the Panasonic EP 1082KL massage chair. They separate leg ottoman has a leg massage unit inside. When you are ready for a leg massage, you can flip the unit to display the leg massage.
The EP 1080 Combo massage chair comes with the separate leg ottoman. You can move the leg ottoman to find the right position to hit the spot to light on your legs. This is a great way to target a specific area for relief.
The leg ottoman of the Panasonic EP 1082KL Combo massage chair gives you the ability to get a full body massage. The ottoman is good for targeting the calves and feet. The rest of the recliner has four automatic programs as well as eight manual massage techniques.
We like the new Chiro mode which is part of the Panasonic EP 1082 Combo massage chair. This new program was released for the new urban collection. It features some elements of chiropractic treatments embedded in the program.
With heat manual massages to choose from, you get a good range of treatment options. One of our favorites is the Hawaiian massage technique. This massage technique utilizes a swaying motion. This side to side swaying is great for the back and shoulders. It has a good affect on loosening up these tight muscle areas.
The new urban collection comes with a back position control. You can set the position of your neck. This enables the massage chair to know precisely where your neck is and it will customize massage based on this point. This is a great way to get a shoulder and back massage.
Panasonic has developed a floating massage mechanism which is the platform for the new urban collection. This particular massage mechanism has the ability to make wrist like movements. This gives it the ability to perform the many different massage techniques which are available in this recliner.
With the Panasonic EP 1082 KL Combo massage chair, relaxation is just the push of a button away. This recliner comes with motorized controls for the chair back and leg rest. These individual controls enable you to set the position of both parts of the chair to suit your needs.
Panasonic massage chairs has a vastly upgraded it entry-level massage chair line with the new urban collection. These three different massage chairs are designed some early but differ in the leg massage. The Panasonic EP 1082 KL Combo is the model with the separate leg ottoman. This enables you to target specific areas of your legs for relief. The ultra modern design of the Panasonic EP 1082 KL Combo massage chair is perfect for many decorating environments.
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