Panasonic Massage Chair Review

Panasonic EP-1082 Combo Massage Chair Review

Panasonic has a new ultramodern massage chair series. This new series is called the urban collection. The urban collection consists of the three different massage chairs which are styled the same but differ in the legs massage option. We take a look at the Panasonic EP 1082KL Combo massage chair.
The new urban collection uses the same basic chair style for each of the three models. They also share a common technology platform. In the case of the EP 1082KL Combo, it has a separate leg ottoman.
So what is a leg ottoman all about? The leg ottoman has a dual purpose. It functions as a normal leg ottoman to relax your legs. However, it has the ability to flip over and expose a set of leg wells with a massage.
What's nice about the separate leg ottoman in the EP 1082KL Combo massage chair is that you can position it where you live. This enables you to target different areas of your leg using the same unit. Simply move the ottoman to where you like and massage that portion of your legs.
With the addition of the separate leg ottoman, you can get full body massage. This is a nice feature of the EP 1082KL Combo massage chair. It comes with a range of automatic massage programs as well as manual programs.
One of the nice massages which is included in the new urban collection is the Chiro mode. The current mode is short for chiropractor. This mode has some elements of therapies used by chiropractors for their patients.
One of the more relieving massage is contained in the EP 1082 massage chair is be Hawaiian style massage. We are big fans of the Hawaiian massage and it swaying motion. This is nice to loosen up your back and shoulders. This is one of the manual massage programs contained in the new urban collection.
You can customize your massage with the bank roller position. The EP 1082 KL Combo massage chair comes with a neck roller position control. Just set the height of where your neck is when you are sitting in the chair. The massage chair remembers this point and adjusts the massage accordingly.
Panasonic has integrated what is known as it's loading a roller mechanism. This floating roller mechanism has the ability to make certain movements. In particular it can replicate the movements of a wrist. This wrist action allows for different massage techniques to be provided and this massage recliner.
The Panasonic EP 1082 massage chair accused you the power to relax. Use the power recline buttons to adjust the chair back and leg rest. This helps you find the most comfortable position to receive your different massage treatments.
The new urban collection is a vastly needed upgrade for the Panasonic massage chair line. The new altar of modern design is appealing for those with the contemporary mindset. It is stylized with its raised upholstered armrests and brushed aluminum accents. The separate leg ottoman enables you to position it to maximize the effect on your legs. The Panasonic EP 1082 KL Combo massage chair is definitely worth checking out.
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