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Massage Chair Review: Omega Montage Premier Massage Chair

Omega Massage has a full line of massage chairs with effective massage therapy. This review will take a look at their best massage chair, the Montage Premier. The Montage Premier boasts some of the most comprehensive therapies built into a massage chair recliner. This review and evaluation takes an in depth look at the advanced features and functions of the Montage Premier as well as touching on the warranty coverage.
We will first go through the warranty coverage with the Montage Premier massage chair. Omega gives you 5 years protection from defects on the frame. You get 3 years coverage for both parts and labor. Free shipping of parts is provided for the first year of ownership. You also get 90 days of in house technician service. This is certainly comprehensive warranty coverage provided by the manufacturer.
With the warranty coverage out of the way, let us delve into the advanced technological features of the Montage Premier massage chair. The first feature is activated when you start an automatic massage program. The Montage Premier will create a virtual map of your back in the chair computer. Most notably, it will find the location of both your neck and your shoulders. Furthermore, it will identify the key acupressure points located throughout your back. The back has almost 100 acupressure points. The automatic program is then calculated using your precise measurements for an outstanding massage.
The Montage Premier comes with a virtual arsenal of massage therapy treatments to choose from. There are five pre-programmed or automatic massage treatments. Each of these has a theme. You have warm up and warm down techniques called Morning and Night, respectively. There are also more vigorous massages named Vitality, Activation and Relaxation. You can also choose from the 4 manual massage treatments.
Omega has integrated an air compression massage for the lower body in the Montage Premier. The air compression massage uses a squeeze, hold and release technique to relieve tightness and fatigue in the major muscles of the lower body. The air compression massage uses a compressor that inflates the air bags located in the massage chair. You can also adjust the intensity of the air compression to four levels of intensity ranging from gentle to firm pressure.
Omega created the Montage Premier to provide a massage chair that can fit taller individuals. This massage recliner can fit people up to six foot six and weighing up to 300 pounds. This is the first and only massage chair that really fits people taller than five foot eleven. This is certainly a breakthrough for taller individuals who have had to seriously compromise with the massage chair recliners of the past.
One innovative feature integrated into the Montage Premier is Omega's exclusive Footflex technology. The Footflex is a combination of a soothing foot massage complimented with a reflexology massage. Airbags are used to focus on both the heel and the arch to stretch and soothe the feet. Reflexology nodes are used to stimulate the trigger points in the feet which help to relax the rest of your body.
One of the best functions of the Montage Premier is the lower body traction system. The traction system is designed to improve the range of motion of your lower body. The traction system will stretch the legs. This elongates the hips, thighs and calves while decompressing to lower lumbar. The leg rest is used to provide the traction by first raising and then slowly lowering. This is an excellent complimentary feature that integrates into the automatic programs when activated.
The Montage Premier is perhaps the top massage chair in its class. It simply has more options that add value beyond just the thorough massage treatments. This massage recliner comes with the most thorough warranty available. There is a lower body stretch function. You get full body heat that can target specific areas. The MP3 player comes with headphones, so you can create your own in home spa. You just cannot find a massage chair that has all the excellent features found in the Montage Premier massage recliner.
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