Omega Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Omega M-5000 DLX Massage Chair Recliner

This is a review of the luxury massage chair by Omega Massage. The Omega M-5000DLX massage chair is the subject of this product review. Omega is known for its striking aesthetics, advanced technology and effective massage therapy. The M 5000DLX is in the $3,000 to $4,000 price range. We will evaluate the major features, functions and warranty of the DLX.
The warranty helps to offset the risk the consumer is taking in purchasing a manufactured product. Machines are made by humans and humans make mistakes. You want to get sufficient warranty coverage to protect your investment down the road.
The warranty is from the manufacturer of the product. Let us take a look at the warranty coverage provided by Omega for the M 5000DLX. The DLX warranty covers the frame for 5 years. You are also covered for 3 years on the parts and 3 years on the labor. You also get 1 year of parts shipping covered. The M5000 comes with a 90 day in home technician service as well. This is certainly one of the best manufacturer warranties on the market today.
The DLX has 5 automatic massage programs, 4 manual massage techniques and 4 manual massage back courses. The manual massage functions have kneading, tapping, finger press and combination. The 5 automatic programs include full back, lower back, and upper shoulders and neck. The upper shoulders and neck is very soothing and invigorating. The strength of the massages can be adjusted to 3 different levels for your enjoyment.
One of the great features of Omega Massage Chairs over the years is they have strong, soothing massages. We have tried plenty of weak machines that cannot get that deeper penetration that is sometimes needed. The DLX comes with an extra back pad to soften the massage. This is great when starting out, but you may want to remove it as you become more accustomed to the massage therapies. The DLX has the best neck and shoulders massage, with innovative software controlling the subtle yet relieving motions of the massage techniques.
For your full body pleasure, the DLX comes fully equipped to massage your buttocks, thighs, calves and feet. The M5000 has an air massage system to cover the lower body with soothing compression massages. The airbags are specifically designed to target each region of the body. The gentle or firm squeeze, hold and release helps release those aches and pains. The footwells contain reflexology nodes to penetrate into the feet relieving tension throughout the body and inducing total relaxation and balance.
Only the finest materials available are used on the M-5000. The DLX comes with highly varnished wood armrests. The upholstery is very fine top grain ox hide leather. The remote control comes with a side panel for your manual controls. It is a simple and easy to understand remote. There is a built in LCD screen that is also back lit for use in darker environments. There are wood grain side panels to add an extra designer touch.
One feature you do not see in the top brands is music. Afterall, a massage chair is there to help you relax. Music is one of the best methods to take your mind off the day and to relax. Omega understands this and incorporates an MP3 player for your enjoyment. Simply install the included USB stick into the USB port and put on the included headphones and drift off into higher levels of relaxation than you thought you could achieve.
If you are looking for a massage chair that has it all, then the M-5000 DLX certainly may fit the bill. It provides soothing, penetrating massage therapy. It has full body massage capabilities. It comes with music to help induce total body relaxation. The materials and workmanship of this massage recliner are all first class. You get the most comprehensive warranty available. This is one of the best massage chair recliners on the market today.
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