Omega Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Omega Orion M-2 Massage Chair

This review will focus on the entry level massage chair by Omega Massage. The M-2 Orion comes with some advanced features in a striking design. We will cover some of the pertinent features and also the warranty coverage with this massage recliner. Here is our review of the M-2 Orion massage chair.
We always advise our customers to stick with the top manufacturers. Beware of cheap import companies selling massage chairs. If you are paying this type of money for a massage recliner, you want to make sure you are buying from a reputable company. One good benchmark is to find out if they have retail distribution. This ensures they will be able to honor the warranty if there should be an issue down the road. Omega Massage is a top manufacturer and has national distribution, so they are here to support the product.
We will first evaluate the warranty coverage for the M-2 massage recliner. The Orion comes with 1 year coverage on the frame of the chair. You also get 6 months for both parts and labor. This is comprehensive coverage compared to other massage chairs in this class. Omega also provides solid customer service. They are competent and their turn around times for any issues are fast.
The M-2 has an attractive executive look to the chair. This sleek, contemporary design will compliment almost any room in the house. We like the thin chair back and the thick padded armrests. There is silver trim on the side panels giving it a nice designer touch. Omega is known for its striking massage chair designs and the M-2 is certainly no exception.
The Orion is equipped with both manual massage techniques and full automatic programs. The manual massage techniques include swaying, kneading and rolling. We particularly like the swaying which is reminiscent of getting a Hawaiian style massage. The automatic programs operate the entire chair and provide full body coverage. There are 3 automatic programs with durations of 5, 10 and 15 minutes, respectively. The M-2 also allows you to select certain regions of the back. You can massage the full back, lower back or the upper back. The slim remote neatly tucks away in a molded slot underneath the armrest.
The M-2 has 23 inches of stroke length for covering the back. This means that the roller mechanism moves 23 inches from top to bottom. The chair back can recline from its upright position of 115 degrees back to 170 degrees. The M-2 is upholstered on the back of the chair back which is a nice touch. Most massage recliners have a hard plastic shell which can be a bit unattractive. The leg rest and the chair back are moved using manual control levers. They will bring the chair back up or leg rest up, but the user must push them down.
The Orion has a vibration massage which can be set to three levels of intensity in the seat. This is a soothing massage to help improve the blood flow in the thighs and buttocks. There are 8 rotary massage heads built into the seat. The rotary massage heads can be set to three levels of intensity. They provide a penetrating massage for the buttocks and thighs. There is also an extra seat cushion for dampening the massage intensity.
The leg rest is adjustable in two different ways. You can raise the foot rest up to 90 degrees to a full horizontal position. You can also extend the foot rest out up to 4 inches. This is very convenient to position the leg rest massager exactly where you want on your legs. The calf massage can be set to 3 levels of intensity to provide the level of penetration desired. The leg rest is operated with a manual control lever to raise or lower.
The feature list of the Orion is nothing short of impressive for an entry level massage chair. They even have incorporated a negative ion generator which removes stale oxygen away from your body to provide a healthier massage. The sway massage is particularly effective. It quickly loosens tight back muscles and helps you to relax. You get one of the best warranty coverages from one of the top manufacturers. You simply cannot beat the M-2 Orion massage chair recliner in this price range.
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