Human Touch Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Human Touch HT 7450 Zero Gravity Lounger

We will take an in depth look at the Human Touch HT 7450 Zero Gravity massage chair in this review. This is a state of the art massage recliner with many advanced features and the Human Touch patented massage system. We will describe some of special features of this chair and also touch on the warranty coverage. Let us take a look at this luxury massage chair from Human Touch.
First we want to point out that when looking for a massage chair, it is imperative to go with a reputable company with retail distribution. There are so many imported massage chairs, which offer very low prices and unfortunately the same quality to match. This only becomes evident down the road when you have a problem with the massage recliner. We have heard too many horror stories, so go with a top brand. Rest assured, Human Touch is one of the top American brands out on the market and has national distribution. You will be covered down the road.
First let us review the warranty coverage for this high end lounger. The protection you get with the HT-7450 is 5 years on the structure of the chair. You get 3 years parts, 1 year labor and 90 days in home service. This warranty coverage is pretty good. We would like to see the labor be extended out more, but this is much better than you find from most manufacturers for this price range. The customer service is through a call center and they are very competent and turn around times for parts or service are adequate for routine issues.
The HT-7450 is a zero gravity massage recliner. This means that both your knees are above your heart. This is the positioned used by NASA astronauts when being launched in a rocket. This position takes the pressure of your spine and evenly distributes it across your whole back. If you have back pain, then this position takes the pressure off which is very comfortable.
The recline function to the zero gravity position is highly engineered for ergonomics and that translates into comfort. For example, the armrests move independently of the chair back at the perfect ratio between the arms and the body. This ensures there is no stress or tension on the neck, shoulder or arms in the zero gravity position.
The seat in the HT 7450 automatically tilts downward when reclining to the zero gravity position. This allows the body to move naturally to the most comfortable position to support your lumbar. These are highly advanced functions to get you in a very comfortable zero gravity position.
Now that you are in a comfortable zero gravity position while still on planet earth, what about the massage? This massage recliner comes with 8 pre-programmed massages, 8 pulsating seat massages, 4 manual massage techniques and the calf massager. There is also dual lumbar heating elements built into the massage recliner. There is even a voice response switch which repeats back your selection.
The 8 pre-programmed massages are well designed and thought out from a massage therapy point of view. For instance, there is The Full Body Sore Muscle Relief massage. This starts off with a 3 minute warm up massage. It then goes into a 9 minute high intensity massage to deeply penetrate and soothe the muscles. Then it ends with a 3 minute warm down massage. The massage therapies are very effective on the HT 7450.
This is a very well designed massage recliner. It also is a very attractive massage recliner and comes in top grain leather upholstery. It does have heaters in the back, so we are not sure of the durability of the leather over the long term. In any event, this massage recliner is a first class executive looking massage chair that will look good in virtually any room in the house. If you are looking for a comprehensive massage lounger in the luxury range, then the HT-7450 is definitely a serious contender for your attention.
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