Human Touch Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Human Touch HT 7120 Massage Chair Recliner

This product review will evaluate and show the salient features of the HT-7120 massage chair. The HT 7120 massage recliner is made by Human Touch. Human Touch is one of the larger American manufacturer’s of massage loungers. This particular massage recliner comes with advanced features and with a sleek contemporary design. Human Touch also has integrated its patented massage system in the HT 7120. Let us take a look at the HT-7120.
We are first always concerned with the warranty of massage chairs. These are big ticket items and you want to be sure that you have adequate protection from the possibility of problems down the road. We always advise buying your chair from the top manufacturers because there are many cheap imports that promise the world and then just do not deliver. Human Touch is one of the best companies in the industry and has national distribution.
What is the warranty coverage of the HT 7120? Human Touch covers this model with 3 years on the structure of the chair. They cover parts for 1 year and you get 90 days labor. Human Touch offers in home technician service, but this comes at additional expense. Honestly, the warranty for this model is quite short when compared with others in this category. We are somewhat surprised with the coverage of this model, since our experience is it is fairly problem-free. On the customer service side, they are competent and turn around on issues if relatively quick.
This recliner comes with a unique flipping leg rest ottoman. The ottoman has wells for your calves, but the unit can be flipped, so it looks like a regular recliner. This is a very nice feature and greatly improves the aesthetics of the massage recliner. Additionally, you can change the width of the wells to better fit and accommodate your legs. This helps to really get the proper fit and massage compression for the area of the legs you want massaged.
This recliner comes with a full body stretch mode. The airbags in the leg rest ottoman will energize to squeeze the legs to hold them. The chair back will then start to slowly recline. As the chair back reclines, it will gently stretch out the body. This body stretch will bring more blood flow to the spine as it decompresses and rejuvenates your back.
We are big fans of heat therapy. The HT-7120 comes with dual lumbar heating elements. Heat therapy helps to reduce swelling and increase blood circulation. These dual lumbar heating elements target the lower back. They provide soothing heat to help reduce lower back pain and bring relief.
The HT 7120 comes with 4 manual massages including rolling, compression, kneading and percussion. There is one 15 minute automatic which can be set for the whole back, lower back or upper back. You can further customize the massages using the massage comfort control. The massage comfort control allows you to adjust the intensity of the massage. The massage intensity ranges from soft to firm with 7 levels of adjustment.
This is a beautifully crafted massage recliner. It comes in either black or dark chocolate leather. It has an adjustable head pillow for support. This is an executive looking massage recliner with an oval base which allows the chair to swivel 30 degrees. This an attractive recliner with advanced massage therapy features. This is certainly a massage chair to consider if you are looking for a solid mid range massage recliner.
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