Human Touch Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Human Touch HT-1650 Massage Recliner

The Luxury massage chair recliner model HT-1650 is the subject of this product review. The HT 1650 is made by Human Touch. The HT1650 is unique in that it looks like a normal recliner, but has many massage therapy capabilities. Let us take a look at this unique massage chair, the HT-1650 by Human Touch.
We are first going to look at warranty coverage. We emphasize this because we have seen our share of customer horror stories of going with a small massage chair importer. They then run into problems and get stuck with a chair that doesn't work, no parts are available and no one can fix it. We always recommend going with a recognized brand with higher quality standards and longevity.
Human Touch provides the following warranty coverage for the HT 1650 massage recliner. You get 5 years on the structure, 3 years parts, 1 year labor and 90 days of in field service. Compared to other known brands, this warranty coverage is competitive. We would like to see more coverage for labor which in our opinion should be equal to the parts.
Human Touch provides an arsenal of automatic programs in the HT-1650 such as full body sore muscle relief, sports and back therapy, leg- foot-hip therapy, neck-shoulders relief, after work stretch, morning wake up, night time soothing, and massage demonstration. There are also 4 manual massage treatments with the following: rolling, compression, kneading and percussion. You can pinpoint certain regions of you back to hit those trouble areas as well.
One interesting feature of the HT 1650 is the acupressure point detector. The acupessure point detector works by performing a body scan of your back. There are almost 100 acupressure points on the back alone. This chair will identify the exact location of you points and then will have the chair target the most important ones during the massage. Certain massage treatments, like shiatsu, make use of stimulating the acupressure points to help the body to fully relax.
The most unique aspect of the HT 1650 is that the calf massager can actually be hidden from view. On one side of the leg rest, the calf massager is accessible and your legs fit in the leg well. However, the other side is flat and looks like a normal recliner leg rest. The calf massager actually pivots and can be flipped out for use and flipped back for storage. This is actually a patented feature for this massage chair.
If you come home with tired or aching feet, then just flip the leg rest over and enjoy a soothing compression massage. The HT 1650 comes with an air massage system that allows you to target your calves and feet. Just place you feet in the leg rest wells and let the airbags gently or firmly squeeze the tension out of your feet. Relief is just a push of a button away.
One of the impressive features of the HT 1650 is the two sided remote. This unique remote has controls of two of the four sides. This enabled Human Touch to reduce the size of the remote by taking advantage of this remote real estate. With a smaller remote, the remote stand was then removed. In its place is a pocket built into the chair to house the remote control. This is a great design feature which keeps this recliner looking like a recliner--rather than your typical massage chair.
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