Human Touch Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Human Touch HT-1650 Massage Recliner

This is a product review of the high end HT 1650 massage chair recliner. This massage chair recliner is the product of Human Touch. Human Touch has a full line of massage chairs available. We will take a look at the features, options, functions and warranty of the HT-1650 by Human Touch.
When you are looking at big ticket items like a massage chair, you really need to take the warranty coverage seriously. A massage chair has many moving parts and sophisticated electronics. The warranty coverage is your long term insurance policy, that gives you peace of mind. The other key caveat is to go with a known brand, so that you warranty is actually going to be honored. Just like an insurance company, you want to make sure they have assets to pay you if needed.
Although, are incidence of problem massage chairs is very low in percentage terms. However, if it happens to you it is 100%. The HT 1650 comes with 5 year coverage on the chair's structure, 3 years coverage for parts and 1 year coverage for labor and 90 days coverage with field service. This is good, comprehensive coverage with this luxury model and is competitive with the big players.
Now let us get to the good stuff: massage therapy. The HT 1650 comes with a variety of massage therapy functions. There are manual massage functions such as rolling, compression, kneading and percussion. You can also select to focus on certain areas of the back. This massage recliner comes with 8 pre-programs. Select from these full body massages which include full body sore muscle relief, sports and back therapy, leg- foot-hip therapy, neck-shoulders relief, after work stretch, morning wake up, night time soothing, and massage demonstration.
The HT-1650 has a built in body scan function. The body scan detects your acupressure points throughout you back. The computer notes the location of each point and identifies the most important for stimulation. The massage is then adjusted to target those acupressure points to help induce full body relaxation. This is particularly important for the shiatsu style massage, which stimulates your acupressure points during the course of the massage.
Human Touch has designed this massage recliner to look just like a normal recliner. To do that, they have a unique calf massager. The calf massage is actually hidden in the leg rest and can be flipped over. When you flip it over, then the leg wells where you can place your legs is visible. However, when not in use, you can flip it back and it looks like a normal recliner. This enables you to put this massage chair recliner in virtually any room in your house.
If you have sore feet or tightness of the calves, then the leg rest massager is a great feature for you. This leg rest comes equipped with an air compression system. There are airbags built into the leg wells that perform a soothing compression massage. The air system activates the airbags and they will gently or firmly squeeze, hold and release your feet or calves. This is very soothing and relieving for your feet and calves.
Human Touch has an innovative remote control. It has built control buttons on two faces of the four faces of the control. This has allowed them to make the remote thinner than many on the market. They also have removed the remote stand which is usually attached to the side of the chair and instead made a pocket to hold the remote. All of these design elements come together in this recliner to make it a massage chair disguised as a recliner.
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