Review of the Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Panasonic, Omega, and Sanyo

What is a shiatsu massage chair? Shiatsu massage is a specific type of massage therapy with its roots in Japan. Many massage chairs came from Japan and shiatsu is what Japanese are most familiar. So many massage chairs got labeled as shiatsu massage chairs. Now it seems everyone is using the shiatsu designation. We take a look at shiatsu massage and its origins which can then be used as a benchmark to determine which massage recliners would fit in this category.
To trace the origins of shiatsu massage, one has to go back to China. The Chinese healers found the use of acupuncture. These practice identified pressure points in the body that assisted to speed up healing and reduce pain. The Japanese took this basic art and developed acupressure points. By applying firm pressure in these pressure points, the energy of the body could be regulated. hey began to correlate certain pressure points with relief in different parts of the body which formed the basis of shiatsu massage therapy.
Traditional shiatsu massage incorporates both kneading with the thumbs and fingers and chopping action with the sides of the palms. Kneading was found to stretch out tight muslces making them more elastic. This help to restore flexibility and improve the range of motion. Chopping massage was found to invigorate an given area to enhance blood circulation. The chopping action helps to loosen tight muscles which then make it easier to perform the kneading massage. The use of pressure point massage helps the major organs relax while the kneading and chopping work on relaxing the muscles.
Shiatsu massage therapy has 3 main parts which include acu-pressure, kneading and tapping massages. Usually the acu-pressure points are detected by performing a body scan. The massage chair then customizes the massage to the user. The back rollers have the kneading and tapping movements. The best massage chairs have these minimum requirements to qualify as a shiatsu style massage chair. Some brands that offer them are Human Touch, Sanyo, Panasonic and Omega Massage.
The Real Pro Ultra by Panasonic is a fine example of a shiatsu massage recliner. The EP 30004 model scans the back and charts the individual pressure points of the user. The user can select from traditional shiatsu or Junetsu massage and receive an invigorating and relieving massage. The Panasonic chair has a good combination of kneading, pressure and choppng for great full body massage.
Sanyo has developed a shiatsu lower body massage therapy. The Sanyo system targets multiple pressure points in the leg and foot. The pressure points are applied firm pressure which helps relieve stress and enhance energy flow throughout the body. Additionally, the tactically placed air bags provide a comforting and thorough air compression massage.
Some massage chairs have taken shiatsu massage and elevated into higher dimensions. Take the Montage Premier by Omega. This chair brings in the dimension of sound with the MP3 music player. Put on the headphones and let the music soothe your mind. Meanwhile, add full body heat or individual area heat to reduce swelling and ease aches and pains. Or add some traditional shiatsu lower body stretching. The Montage Premier incorporates a lower body traction that elongates the whole lower body for comprehensive relief.
Now you are an expert in shiatsu massage therapy as applied to massage chairs. This is an important massage therapy used throughout the globe. If you are researching robotic chairs, then start with the best brands like Sanyo, Panasonic or Omega. These shiatsu massage chairs provide therapeutic massage and other therapies.
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