Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs Available from Panasonic, Omega, and Sanyo

There are many terms to describe massage chairs. Commonly, you can find robotic massage chairs or shiatsu massage chairs. There are many different terms which can cause confusion for those looking for a massage chair. Shiatsu massage chairs provide a shiatsu massage therapy. This is a massage therapy that origins are in Japan. Let us first explore shiatsu massage then we can make sure that any shiatsu labeled chair actually qualifies for this designation.
Massage therapy has been used for over 5,000 years. It has different origins in China, Egypt and India. Shiatsu massage therapy is an offshoot of Chinese medical arts such as acupuncture. Acupuncture uses pressure points in the body to promote healing. The Japanese adapted acu pressure to control and regulate the flow of energy in the body. They noticed that applying pressure to specific points reduced discomfort and pain in the body. A body of knowledge developed using specific pressure points to induce total bod relaxation which formed into the traditional shiatsu massage.
As the pressure points were being discovered and correlated to different body parts, massage therapies were used in conjunction. Massage techniques such as chopping and kneading were used. Chopping helps stimulate the muscles to increase blood and lymph circulation. Kneading was found to elongate the muscles to help increase flexibility and healing after physical exertion. The use of pressure points where firm pressure is used with either chopping and kneading started the foundation to traditional shiatsu massage.
Now that we understand the origins of traditional shiatsu massage, we can evaluate if a chair labeled as shiatsu earns the name or not. Some of the most famous shiatsu massage chairs originated in Japan and are made by Sanyo or Panasonic. Other brands like Omega and Human Touch which are American companies have developed shiatsu style massage therapies based on these principals. Here are some of the best shiatsu chair recliners available.
One of the original lineages of shiatsu massage chairs are by Panasonic. The EP 30003 massage recliner provides two different styles of shiatsu style massage. It has the traditional shiatsu massage and also the Junetsu style. The Junetsu style differs from traditional shiatsu with the use of small circular and penetratng motions. The Junetsu style is good deep tissue relief. The combinations in the auto programs are well thought out for a therapeutic and relaxing massage.
The Sanyo SA 5000 uses a physical shape sensor to measure the users body. This is a high tech gadget to keep the shiatsu massage hitting the right acu pressure points. The interesting feature is that you can move around in the chair and the shape sensor readjusts where your pressure points are located. This is perfect for those who squirm more during the massage. The chair will still zero in on your points and hit them with relieving accuracy. Sanyo has got your back!
In addition to effective and penetrating shiatsu style massage, the Montage Premier by Omega delivers a total massage environment. Omega builds in music therapy where you can put on the headphones and let ambient noise disappear. While you are relaxing, the Montage Premier has full body heat to help with blood circulation and relaxation. And if that is not enough, this Omega chair will stretch out your lower body. This chair comes with a lower body traction system. Stretching and elongating muscles is also part of the shiatsu tradition.
There you have it--shiatsu massage chairs. Shiatsu massage therapy is a very popular massage therapy and performed around the world in spas. Now you know some of its most basic elements. There are many subtle movements with shiatsu. Find the best massage chair brands and you will get a satisfying and relieving shiatsu massage. If you are just starting your search, check out shiatsu massage chair recliners from Panasonic, Omega and Sanyo.
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