Omega Massage Chair Review

Massage Chair Review: Omega Orion M-2 Massage Chair

This review takes a look at the M-2 Orion massage chair. The M-2 is the entry level massage chair produced by Omega Massage, Inc. Omega is one of the top massage chair brands and is know for their advanced technology and elegant chair designs. The Orion is a full body massage chair and is priced in the $1,500 and under category.
Omega is one of the best massage chair brands and has national distribution. Distribution is important because it signifies that the company has retail clients and has staying power. There are many companies that sell massage chairs at home shows and the internet. Potential buyers must be very careful because they may end up with a chair that does not work and no parts and no service. If you stick with the top brands you will not have these problems.
Omega provides good warranty coverage for an entry level massage chair. The Orion comes with a 1 year warranty on the frame and 6 months on parts. Customer service is always another important issue. If you have an issue, then how well does the company handle these situations? Omega provides good customer service. They are responsive and diagnose problems quickly and accurately. We have had an excellent track record with Omega over the years.
The first thing you notice about the M-2 is its very sleek design. This chair looks more like an executive chair than a massage recliner. Omega made a very attractive design with the sweeping, padded armrests to the thin chair back. We like the silver trim on the side panels gives it a nice designer touch. We feel this chair can compliment any room.
The remote control of the M-2 is fairly simple to use. It has a built in holder underneath the armrest. This is nice to not have a remote stand which is pretty common on most chairs. The remote has both automatic programs and manual programs. The automatic programs have 3 different timed settings of 5, 10 and 15 minutes. The manual programs allow you to select from 3 manual massage techniques. These include kneading, swaying and rolling. You can also select from 3 back courses. The back courses are full back, lower back and upper back.
The chair back has the roller unit which provides the back massage. The Orion comes with 23 inches of travel. This means the rollers will move up and down your back 23 inches. The chair back is relatively thin for a massage recliner and is fully upholstered front and back. Many chairs have a plastic back cover. The chair back can be reclined back 170 degrees with a range of motion from 115 to 170 degrees. The chair recline is manually controlled by pushing a lever and leaning back to the desired angle. Returning the back rest to its upright position requires the user to sit up and the piston will bring the chair back up.
Seat The seat of this massage chair has roller heads built in. There are eight rotary massage heads for the buttocks and thighs. These rotary heads provide soothing and penetrating relief to the buttocks and thighs. The seat also has a vibration massage function. The vibration massage can be set to 3 different intensity levels. This is good to stimulate the capillary vessels and promote greater blood circulation.
The leg rest comes with a mechanical paddle massage mechanism. The leg rest targets your calves. The leg rest is also adjustable with a four inch extension. This enables the user to position the leg rest exactly on the area of the legs you like. The calf massage is very invigorating and can be adjusted to 3 levels of intensity. The leg rest can be adjusted 90 degrees to a full horizontal position. The leg rest works off a manual control lever. The piston will raise the leg rest, but the user must push down with their legs to lower the leg rest.
The M-2 Orion massage recliner is one of the best values in its class. This entry level chair provides an effective and thorough full body massage. The recliner comes with a unique Sway massage which is similar to the Hawaiian style massage. The Orion comes with many functions which you would find in many higher priced recliners. Omega provides good warranty coverage for this model. If you are looking for an entry level massage chair, put this one on your short list.
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