Massage Chair Tips

5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Massage Chair

1. Define Your Needs: What are your long term needs? With massage chairs comes a wide selection of features, models and manufacturers. First and foremost, what type of relief are you seeking? Then look at what massage therapies can best relieve your trouble areas. If you are looking for full body, then are particular massage techniques that you prefer. Massage chairs are a long term investment and your budget needs to factor this in. These are the salient items to think about for a massage chair.
2. Back Pain Relief: What are the important areas on your back? Do you need more attention on lower back or is shoulder and neck coverage more important. Some massage chairs have grasping which is good around the shoulder and neck areas. A thorough kneading massage in the lower back relieves muscles. Make sure the massage chair reaches the lower lumbar areas to ensure relief. To relieve pressure off the cervical discs, a finger press massage is very relieving. The finger press massage uses the rollers going up and down adjusting each disc as it goes. These are just a few features in massage chair recliners.
2. Check Out the Warranty: There are 2 things to check on the warranty. First, what is the coverage offered? Second, can the company cover the warranty? For a $3,000 massage chair, you should get 3 years parts, 3 years labor and minimum 90 days in home technician service. Now, the more important question, will they be around to make good on the warranty! You need to go with a reputable massage chair maker. One that has retail clients such as chain stores, etc. There are too many massage chair vendors that are just one man operations and may not be there down the road.
3. Massage Therapy: Massage chairs have many massage therapies available. Choose from Shiatsu, Swedish, Hawaiian, Acu pressure, Reflexology, Deep Tissue and many more. It is important to familiarize yourself with the different types as each provides certain benefits. Also, massages can be light and gentle to more invigorating depending on your needs and comfort. Most massage chair recliners offer multiple massage therapies, so make sure the most important ones are covered.
4. Lower Body Massage: Massage chairs have rapidly advanced the technology and effectiveness of lower body massages. Most massage chair concentrated really on the back, neck and shoulders. This was accomplished using rollers to imitate human hands. The lower body presents more challenges. These companies have developed a mechanical paddle system and air massage using air compression. Some chairs are mixed with both, but the best massage chairs use one or the other. The paddle system is limited to the calf areas. Air massage is much more flexible since the massage is delivered via air bags. These chairs have air bags for the arms, hands, feet, calves, thighs, hips, buttocks providing superior coverage.
5. Warranty Coverage: Make sure you go with a known brand of massage chairs. I would hate to tell you the stories we have gotten from people who bought from a fly by night outfit. One good test is if the massage chair company has retail accounts. If they do not, then who has leverage to make sure the warranty is honored? Most warranties cover parts, labor, in home service vs. service center, and shipping expenses. The difference is what they cover and for how long. Fortune 500 companies make you buy an massage chair industry. Compare warranties and costs and find the right protection for you. How long does the manufacturer cover parts? If you need service, can a technician come to your home or do you need to send your massage chair to a service center. This is important, as sending around 200 lbs of massage chair is not an easy task. Also, how long will the manufacturer pick up any shipping expenses to repair the massage chair?
Your health is your most important asset. Protect and enhance it with a daily massage. You now know enough to ask the right questions and start to find the best massage chair for you. This is a long term investment. Massage chairs are expensive and there is a tremendous variety to choose from for you needs. Shop around and look for the best deal. Evaluate the total cost of the chair including taxes and shipping. Take your time and educate yourself, so you get the perfect massage chair recliner.
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