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The 5 Best Massage Therapy Types in the Massage Chairs of Today

Massage therapy is being used to relieve many ailments. There are a wide variety of health therapies available today. Some are varients of older therapies and some are targeted for specific problems. Understanding the best massage therapies for you can help you focus the relief for your benefit. We present the best 5 massage therapies.
Junetsu Massage: The Junetsu is a variation of kneading massage. Typical kneading action in a recliner is working side to side. Usually this is done in a horizontal plain while seated. Junetsu is a technique using small circles. These circular motions are then used with firm pressure to penetrate deeply. The literal translation of Junetsu is ultra-fine kneading. This is technique is perfect for getting out those knots in your back. It penetrates deeply into the muscle tissue or reverberates through to the bones.
Kneading Massage: The kneading technique comes as a by product of the making dough for baking. This massage technique is used to loosen and relieve tight muscles. The kneading is a pinching movement with a longer stroke. These actions ease sore muscles by elongating and stretching them in small strokes. This helps to work out knots and other tightly bound muscle areas. Kneading also enhances the blood circulation and flow.
Pregnancy Massage: Massage during pregnancy can be very beneficial. The body is increasing capacity to support a new life. There are many stresses being placed during a tremendous transition in the body. Prenatal massage helps to reduce the discomforts associated with this transition. It helps to alleviate muscle tightness, tension, cramping and stiffness. Blood circulation is also enhanced which reduces stress on the heart. Massage therapy can help to relax and calm the fetus inside the womb.
Compression Massage: Compression massage uses a firm rubbing motion. Compression is a squeezing action. It is usually using the whole hand as opposed to the fingers. This is good to cover larger parts of the body. In this case, compression is a pushing action than creates a firm rubbing sensation. It is effective for use for muscles like on the leg and arms. Compression can also be a pushing action than creates a rubbing sensation. The squeeze, hold and release helps to reduce aches and pains.
Acupressure Massage: Acupressure comes from the ancient healing art of acupuncture. Acupressure bypasses needles for firm pressure. There are about 350 acupressure points in the body and almost 100 in the back, should and neck. The acupressure massage targets your main trigger points. Firm pressure is used to stimulate these points by penetrating deeply. This helps to release blocked energy within the body and to restore balance and harmony.
Here are the top 5 health therapies to help relieve your ailments. Many of these techniques have been honed through time, while others are derivatives of the main ones. The key is targeting your areas for relief and finding the right health therapies. The massage therapy needs to be performed to relieve discomfort and bring relaxation. Many massage therapies are effectively performed in the best massage chair recliner brands.
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